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Broadcast from Your iPhone to Your Radio Station

Take your shows on the road. Broadcast from your iPhone for on-location news stories, sports events, or as part of a travel segment. Share your stories with your listeners wherever you go.

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Production

Last updated 26.11.2023

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Take your radio station with you using PocketStreamer. The best way to broadcast from your iPhone and to your listeners wherever you go. Integrated with's online broadcasting platform, you can begin broadcasting live in a matter of seconds.

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Broadcast from Your iPhone with PocketStreamer

PocketStreamer is a simple to use and elegant iOS app that works with stations. Broadcast from your phone using the MP3 codec with adjustable bitrate. Connect to your account and PocketStreamer will automatically enter all the connection details so you can broadcast live in a matter of seconds. Features include:

  • One-click Integration with Log using your credentials and see when you're next broadcasting live. No host or port details needed!
  • Adjustable Sound Quality: MP3 encoding with different bitrates, including 32kbs, 64kbs, 128kbs, and 320kbs.
  • Smart Reconnect: Automatically connect back to your station.
  • Multiple Station Management: Add several radio stations to PocketStreamer for easy management.
  • Broadcast in the Background: Multi-task by broadcasting to your station and doing other things like looking up notes without interruption.
  • Connect to a Mixer: Hook your phone up to a mixer and broadcast like a pro.
  • Audio Control: Built-in volume meter and gain adjuster means you're always in control.
  • Compatible with Multiple Providers: Including, Live365, and other Icecast v2/Shoutcast v2 based services.

How to Broadcast Using PocketStreamer

PocketStreamer is a free to use iOS app that works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - get started by downloading the app here.

Once installed, open it to find a list of server types, then select

Once you've selected, it will open up a browser page outside the app asking you to sign in with your credentials.

Once you've signed in, give permission to PocketStreamer to access your Account by selecting 'Allow'.

Once confirmed, the PocketStreamer app will come back on to your screen and you'll see a permission box appear asking whether you'd like to give PocketStreamer access to your microphone - select 'OK'.

And that's it. You can now broadcast from your iPhone live (provided a Live DJ event is scheduled or Live Anytime is enabled in your account) by clicking on the 'Go Live' button at the top of the page.

Multiple Station Management

If you have multiple stations associated with your log in, you'll be able to switch between them by clicking the 'Stations' button in the top right corner.

Updating Your Radio Station's Track Information

If you'd like your artist and title info to update on your station, then select the 3 dots next to 'Artist - Title'. This will display a pop-up box where you can enter the track details, before clicking 'Send', which will send it to your radio station.

Changing Your Microphone's Settings

To change the microphone sensitivity, you need to drag the slider left (for reduced sensitivity) or right (for increased sensitivity) in the main section of the app.

If you've connected an external microphone and would like to change the audio input on PocketStreamer, you can do so by clicking 'Audio' in the top left corner, then choosing your new input.

Broadcast from Your iPhone Anywhere

Using PocketStreamer, being able to broadcast from your iPhone is a breeze. If you're using the PocketStreamer app and have a suggestion then leave a comment below, or if you haven't tried it yet then download and try the app for free today.

Download PocketStreamer

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