Custom Artwork: Embedding Album Art in MP3 Files

At we have just released a new feature which allows you to upload your own custom artwork and begin embedding album art in MP3 files.

Mike Cunsolo

by Mike Cunsolo in News

Last updated 05.08.2020

Embedding Album Art In Mp3 Files

More often than not the songs you upload to your account will have artwork already embedded into the track. However, sometimes this is not the case with unknown tracks, unsigned artists, or remixes. Luckily, at we have just released a new feature which allows you to upload your own custom artwork and begin embedding album art in MP3 files.

How Does it Work?

Generally artwork automatically grabbed from third-party services. If tracks weren't available on either or the metadata was wrong (which is the track's info like artist and title) then no artwork would get displayed.

With this new feature you can upload custom album artwork directly onto each track. In your Dashboard, go into your Media -> Tracks -> Actions -> Track Editor.

Uploading Artwork 1 - Embedding Album Art in MP3 Files

Click "Custom", then find the artwork you want to upload. Please note that the minimum album artwork size is 600px x 600px.

Uploading Artwork 2

When you're happy with the image click "Save" and the artwork will now be embedded in the track.

Uploading Artwork 3

Why Does Album Artwork Not Show Up? automatically checks third party sites and fetches relevant album artwork. However, if the artwork associated with any of the tracks you upload cannot be found, either due to an unknown artist, mix, or misspelled track name, then it will show the default music symbol image.

Default Artwork

Please note that if you upload tracks which already contain custom artwork this will be ignored by the system. If this is the case and your artwork is not displaying properly, you will need to use the custom album art feature.

Why Can't I Access Track Editor?

Track editor, along with custom album art, is only available on the Broadcaster, Broadcaster+, and Station plans, so if you're on the DJ plan then you cannot access it.

You can upgrade at any time to use the track editor by going into your Dashboard -> Settings -> Billing -> then choosing either the Broadcaster or Station plan.

Alternatively if you're not with yet then you can get started with your 7 day free trial today by clicking the button below.

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