The All Female-Led Station

Aiming to showcase the best of new underground talent, this female-led station joins bringing its message of diversity and inclusivity ​to the world.

Laura Shenton
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Foundation.FM: Who Are They?

There’s a lot of amazing talent behind the creation of, which is self described as a female-led community station. Recently launched on 5th November, and On Air every Monday to Friday, aims to, “showcase the hottest emerging talent in the underground music scene led by a diverse group of women, LGTBQI+ person’s and talented creatives who support our values – with women at the forefront.”

Being all-inclusive is definitely the main message that are aiming to show, and with the powerhouse of amazing talent that’s behind the station, we’re sure they’re going to blow everyone out of the water!

What Do They Play?

On Air every weekday from 10am - 10pm, has a great mix of live shows from different and talented female DJ’s, such as the Brunch Show with Kamilla Rose, which is a take on the normal breakfast show but later in the day, hence the Brunch!

There’s plenty of other shows as well featuring a rotation of fantastic DJ’s, super interesting chat, and lots of fun!

Sound interesting? A lot of big names are joining because of our solid platform, super helpful statistics, and constant feature updates, why not be amongst them?

If you’re not with already, you can give our platform a test drive today! Click the button below to get started on your 7 day free trial and get broadcasting today!

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