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How to Setup SHOUTcast with

Setup SHOUTcast with to relay your radio stream to an old server and keep your existing links and listeners without switching channels.

James Mulvany

by James Mulvany in Production

Last updated 04.08.2023

Setup Shoutcast With Radioco

Did you know that you can setup SHOUTcast with streams? They are compatible with SHOUTcast version 2 servers and are super easy sort out.

You can setup SHOUTcast with and relay your stream to an existing SHOUTcast server, which is ideal if you want to hang onto your old server for legacy reasons whilst you update links to your stream on third-party sites, directories, and mobile apps.

Setup SHOUTcast with

What's Your SHOUTcast Version?

You can use any SHOUTcast provider's server with, granted it's running version 2.

A quick way you can check this is by hitting your stream URL, for instance, you will see the version on this page like "SHOUTcast Server vX.X.X":

SHOUTcast Version

If you're unsure what version you're currently on then it's best to check with your SHOUTcast provider.

Your Stream URL

Your stream URL is the pathway listeners can tune into your station and for servers to relay your broadcast, which can be found in your account.

In your Listen area underneath Streaming Links you can grab your stream URL which ends with "/listen": Stream URL

Relay to SHOUTcast

Relaying your stream to a SHOUTcast server differers depending on the provider - In this instance we're using Wavestreaming to relay a SHOUTcast stream.

Login to Wavestreaming's control panel and go to SHOUTcast -> Servername -> Edit Mountpoint Config. At the bottom you will see Relay URL.

Relay Stream from Wavestreaming

Paste in your stream URL and hit Modify - Your SHOUTcast server should reload and start relaying your stream.

Once your relay has been setup you won't be able to connect another source to the SHOUTcast stream, but don't worry as you can use to connect and broadcast live.

Schedule Relays on Cloud DJ

Cloud DJ is Wavestreaming's automation service and can be used with to schedule relays at specific days and times throughout the week, which is handy if your partner station moves to and airs featured shows via your Cloud DJ server.

In Wavepanel, go to Cloud DJ -> Servername -> Live.

You can setup an event that suits you, just set the day, duration, choose Relay in Type and paste in your stream URL in the Relay URL box and hit Schedule:

Cloud DJ Stream URL Relay to

Cloud DJ will add the event and relay your stream at the time specified.

Relaying your stream to a SHOUTcast server is easy and it allows you to hang onto old links and stream URLs that you're not quite ready to change yet.

Got a suggestion about how can improve it's services or just got a quick question? Then let us know in the comments below.

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