Internet Radio Directories: Submit & Promote

Internet Radio Directories: Submit & Promote - Add your radio station to popular internet radio directories to promote and gather more listeners.

Jamie Ashbrook
Internet Radio Directories

Internet radio directories: submit & promote - One of the biggest challenges radio stations face is the ability to get found.

Listeners primarily aren't searching for your station in particular, if they are the chances are slim they'll find yours through the normal routes online - Instead they're on radio directories.

A radio directory is a list of categorised stations by genres so listeners can easily find and tune into the music they want. It’s also a great place to be found as they’re a source for music enthusiasts to find new and old tracks, religious stations to spread their message, or live talk show hosts chatting about current affairs.

Most established directories have mobile apps so you can listen on the go, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and even Blackberry. Directories also help with search engines as they pick up the listing and display it within search results.

UPDATE: New Radio Directories

Internet Radio Directories: Submit & Promote

Get listed on as many directories as possible to make it easy for listeners to find your station.

1. TuneIn


Hosting thousands of radio stations from all over the world, TuneIn is the most popular directory and best place for listeners to find their favourite music, plus you can download the app on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

If you're with then easily submit your station TuneIn.

2. iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio

Get listed on iTunes radio by filling out this form to submit your station to Apple. The directory is manually curated so it may take some time for your station to appear.

3. Windows Media Radio

Windows Media Radio

Email and include the following info to submit your station:

  • Your station name
  • Your business name
  • Your web site address
  • Your country or territory
  • Confirm your station complies with your country’s laws
  • Confirm your station is 24/7
  • Your current user traffic to your station(s)
  • Amount of stations you currently have
  • A direct streaming link to the station you are submitting

BONUS: Showcase Your Radio Station

Get discovered by thousands of listeners online by showcasing your radio station on Every day broadcasters get in touch, so we pick out the best ones and feature them over on the blog. Showcase your radio station by submitting your details in the comments below.

4. StreamingThe.Net

A great place for live media as StreamingThe.Net is both a radio and TV directory listing, it's also easy add your station, simply fill out this form.

5. DeliCast


Listing over 7,000 stations, both internet radio and tv, DeliCast is a simple directory listing by country, genre, popularity, and more.

Submit your station.

6. Radio Tower

Listing thousands of stations, allows you to add and rate internet radio streams with ease.

Submit your station.

7. Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio

Tune in to thousands of live streaming radio stations from upcoming and new broadcasters from around the world.

Submit your station by contacting


An all in one source for live radio, video, and news - is a high quality directory listing that offers thousands of stations, plus listeners can tune in to the free Android and iOS apps.

Submit your station by filing out this form.

9. Filter Music

A popular directory for electronic and dance radio stations that hosts thousands of streams that are updated daily.

Submit your station by filling in this form.

10. Radio Guide FM

Listen to thousands of various radio stations broadcasting from all over the world.

Submit your radio station by filling out this form.

11. Log FM

Real-time radio station directory that was originally created by radio amateurs from Russia for new comers to the broadcasting world, so it's a great place to find stations and get heard.

Submit your station on Log FM.

12. Trini Radio

Trini Radio

A radio directory specifically for Trinidad and Tobago stations, however there are a variety of streams from around the world for new and upcoming broadcasters.

Submit your station by emailing

13. Online Radio Streaming


Internet radio directory that lists stations by different categories and genres.

Submit your radio station by filling in this form.

14. Live Online Radio

Live Online Radio

Listen to live radio stations from all around the world - Find popular and up and coming streams from a variety of broadcasters.

Submit your station by filling out this form.

15. Live

A directory for fresh online Irish and worldwide radio stations to get heard. Internet Radio Directories: Submit & Promote

Submit your station by filling out this form.

The professional team at can help you get broadcasting online in a matter of minutes and offer advice on where and how to submit your stations, plus there are plenty of awesome new features in the pipeline, help guides, tutorials, and expert technical support on standby to lend you a helping hand.

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