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iziCast: Broadcast From Your iPhone or iPad

Broadcast live on location with as little as your iPhone and the iziCast app. Bring local events to your listeners, get vox-pops and cover breaking news stories from the ground.

Lucy Rowe

by Lucy Rowe in Production

Last updated 03.04.2024

Izi Cast header

Nowadays, you don't need crazy equipment to broadcast on location. Chances are you have everything you need already in your pocket. We're talking, of course, about your mobile phone.

Certain apps turn mobile phones into neat little broadcasting centres. Ready for you to fire what's happening around you straight to your radio station. Daniel Nöthen (the creator of BUTT) being the helpful guy he is, has made a robust yet low-cost solution for broadcasting from your iPhone (or iPad).

Introducing... iziCast!

iziCast is a client broadcaster for Radio.co broadcasters, as well as Icecast and Shoutcast hosted radio stations that work exclusively on iPhones and iPads.' Many radio stations use client broadcasters like BUTT but this does not work on iPhones or iPads. iziCast is a solution for those devices.

Purchase and Download iziCast

iziCast is an app, so is available from the Apple Store here.

iziCast costs £6.99/€7.99/$7.99. You can also buy some functions to edit audio for as little as £0.89/€0.99/$0.99 each.

What iziCast Offers Broadcasters

iziCast takes the audio from your iPhone or iPad and pushes it out to your Shoutcast or Icecast radio station. So this means you can broadcast via your iPhone. iziCast has 5 key functions:

A screenshot of the iziCast main page.
When not broadcasting to your station, iziCast will display as 'IDLE’.
  1. Broadcast an external USB mixer/USB audio interface via your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Broadcast speech using your iPhone or iPad microphone. That can be either live, or recordings you've made.

  3. Broadcast local files, like mp3s, from your iPhone or iPad.

  4. Broadcast audio from other apps if they have Audiobus enabled.

  5. Add up to 16 sounds to the soundboard and fire them on air.

How to Setup iziCast for Your Radio Station

Open the app and click the ADD button. Select your server from the top and complete the details below it.

A screenshot showing an example of Radio.co connection details.
Hover your mouse to the right of your host, port and pass & a copy option will pop up.

If you have a Radio.co station, select Shoutcast and paste in the following details:

  • Server address = The host from the Radio.co dashboard
  • Password =The pass from the Radio.co dashboard
  • Port = The port from the Radio.co dashboard.
A screenshot of the iziCast page for adding a radio station
Once you've completed the server settings for your radio station, hit save.

Connecting a USB Audio Interface to iziCast

You can connect your USB Mixer/USB Audio Interface by using a Lightning to Camera Adapter. When you plug in the adapter, iziCast will flash while it scans your device.

    A birdseye view of an Apple Lightning to USB-3 Camera adapter.
    If you're iPad or iPhone has a lightning port, you'll need this Lightning to USB-3 Camera Adapter to connect a USB audio interface.

    Once finished, your USB Mixer/Interface will appear under Audio Devices. Select your mixer from the Audio Devices and then select the input. And you’re good to broadcast your mixer. This gives you the option of using high-quality mics and other audio equipment.

    Playing Music & Sound Effects On iziCast

    A screenshot showing where to add, edit and play music and sound effects on the iziCast app.
    Import music and sound effects to iziCast from either your device's storage or your music app.
    • You can import songs from your device into your music library by clicking the music button on the left.
    • From here you can change the playing order and you have the ability to repeat and shuffle your songs.
    • You can add sound effects to the on-screen soundboard if you click over to sounds.
    • This means you fire off things like jingles, idents and promos at the touch of a button - whilst on air

    Broadcasting Live On iziCast Using Your iPhone

    In iziCast, press the play button to go live, it’ll take a few moments to connect. Once live you’ll see a duration timer appearing in iziCast and the On Air button will be showing in the Radio.co dashboard.

    Two screenshots side by side showing the On Air buttons in both iziCast and the Radio.co dashboard.
    A green 'On Air' button appears in iziCast once you're live, and in the Radio.co dashboard the red button switches to say 'On Air'

    To end broadcasting through iziCast, press the stop button.

    • When live, you have the option of basic mixing. Adjust the volume fader of the music, sounds and mic to get your mix just right.
    • By default, iziCast will use your device microphone as an input.
    • That means it’ll broadcast whatever your device is picking up. So to mute your microphone - put the microphone fader down to 0.
    A screenshot showing the iziCast app's mixer for Music, Sounds & Microphone.
    iziCast's mixer will appear once live. Set the Mic fader to 0% when playing songs that you don't want to talk over.

    Recording Your Radio Shows On iziCast

    To record your show, just hit "Start REC" in iziCast in the top right of the screen, and hit "Stop REC" when you’re finished. Alternatively, in settings you can turn on the function to automatically start and stop recording.

    A screenshot showing the green 'On Air' and red 'Recording' symbols in iziCast.
    The red 'REC' symbol means your radio show is being recorded.

    Your recorded show will be saved within the app, under the Recordings icon directly under the 'Stop REC' button. These are saved as mp3s and can be shared via your phone's apps like Mail, Airdrop, Messages, WhatsApp etc.

    A screenshot showing a list of recordings made in iziCast.
    iziCast shows the date and time you made a particular recording, along with its size.

    In settings, make life easier by enabling options to automate how recordings are handled, like stopping a recording when there's no noise.

    A screenshot of the iziCast settings tab.
    Toggle on 'Start recording automatically' 'Stop recording automatically' to ensure your radio shows are recorded whilst you're on air.

    iziCast Alternatives?

    Unfortunately, we're not aware of many options for broadcasting from iPhones and iPads. But what iziCast offers should be enough for most broadcasters on the go.

    There you have how to broadcast live using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (do people still have those?). Let us know what you think of iziCast (or if if you know an alternative) over on Facebook, X or Instagram.

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