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LadioCast Setup for Online Radio Broadcasts

How you can setup the free to use LadioCast for Mac to connect and broadcast to your online radio station, then out to your listeners.

Aaron Corkin

by Aaron Corkin in Production

Last updated 06.08.2023

Ladiocast Featured Image

The cool thing about is that it seamlessly integrates with other services. LadioCast, for instance, is ideal if you're looking to broadcast live from your computer to your station with We're going to take a quick look at why you should use LadioCast and how you can set it up.

LadioCast for Mac (Free)

LadioCast is a free to use app designed for Mac OS X. Use it to broadcast audio from your microphone and mix in music.

Equipped with 4 inputs and 4 outputs for greater flexibility, you can connect and manage multiple devices like microphones, mixers, CD players, and decks. Transmit your stream to either one or multiple stations simultaneously.

How to Setup LadioCast

What You Need

Download LadioCast from The App Store here.

As LadioCast is free you don't need to pay for it, however, you do need an Apple account to grab it from The App Store. If you don't have one then you can download it here.

Note: LadioCast is only accessible with Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Setup Guide

1. Download & Install LadioCast

Download LadioCast from The App Store.

LadioCast The App Store

Open the .dmg file which will proceed to install the app, then finally open it up.

2. Enter Your Station's Details

In LadioCast, go to the top bar to Streamer -> Streamer 1 -> SHOUTcast.

LadioCast Streamer SHOUTcast

Enter your station's details, these can be found under your Live tab in your Dashboard.

Enter your connection details:

  • Host: E.g.
  • Port: E.g. 1172
  • Password: E.g. a12b3c4d5e6f
  • Stream Name: E.g. PI Radio (Live)
  • Genre: E.g. Indie
  • Web URL: E.g.
LadioCast Connection

Set your encoder details:

  • Format: AAC
  • Sample Rate: 44100
  • Bitrate Mode: Constant
  • Bitrate: 128kbps
  • Quality Level: 3
  • Channel: Stereo
LadioCast Encoder

Enter your stream's metadata which will show up on your station, e.g. My Live Radio Show.

LadioCast Metadata

In the mixer control panel, you can adjust your inputs and outputs, however by default your built-in input is used (your microphone). If you need to change this then use the drop down, if not then leave as is.

LadioCast Mixer Controls

3. Broadcast Online

Before you broadcast live, set a live event in your Dashboard -> Schedule. Alternatively set the live anytime feature on so you can connect whenever you want - More details here.

Live Event Scheduled LadioCast Example

When you're ready to broadcast click the connect button in your streamer. You should see a connection made within 5-10 seconds depending on your bandwidth speed.

LadioCast Broadcast Live

That's all there is to it - You're now broadcasting from LadioCast to your station!

Did you know that now has track editing and you can even upload your own custom album artwork!

These are just a few features in our ongoing service to improve and give you better tools. Try for yourself and take it for a test drive with your 7-day free trial.

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