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Mixxx Setup for Live Online Radio Broadcasts

How to broadcast online radio with a Mixxx setup - Mixxx is free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Production

Last updated 04.08.2023

Mixxx Setup Online Radio Broadcasting

Over the years there's been quite a lot of radio broadcasting automation software. Mixxx falls into this category, but what makes it stand out from the crowd? That's something we'll cover, along with how you can get Mixxx setup and broadcasting to your online radio station.

What is Mixxx?

Mixxx is a free open-source piece of DJ software for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems like Ubuntu. As the old saying goes "nothing comes for free", but that's not necessarily true when it comes to Mixxx. With no price tag it's certainly something worth trying. Yes there are other similar free pieces of software on the market, but Mixxx has something others don't, and that's quality. You can manage media, beat sync with 4 decks, input multiple microphones and other devices, and map broadcasting decks with MIDI controllers. Let's look at these and other features that make Mixxx stand out.

Mixxx Features

Design & Layout

The first thing you notice with any piece of new software is the way it looks. First impressions are everything, something Mixxx gets right.

Mixxx Features Displayed

On startup Mixxx shows basic windows as to not confuse and clutter the screen. 2 DJ desks, a music library, and a few other things are on display. Hidden windows like the mixer, mics/aux, and effects can be revealed with a few button clicks.

Adjusting the window doesn't break the structured layout, this way your work flow isn't disrupted when juggling several windows at once. Decks, media library, waveforms, and EQ sections are resized to fit, a cool bonus for broadcasters with multiple things going on at once.

Library Management

A crucial aspect of any broadcasting software is the ability to easily add and edit tracks without it being a headache. Luckily you can manage your entire back catalogue of music with ease within Mixxx.

Mixxx Music Library

Update track information like title, artist, and album using the ID3 tag editor. Alternatively you can use the MusicBrainz option, which is an open music encyclopaedia, to pull all metadata for your track, including album artwork.

Broadcast & Record Shows

Connect to the world by broadcasting to your online radio station through Radio.co using Mixxx.

Track information is sent directly to your station and out to your listeners, this way they know what's currently being played. You can even adjust it to send custom details for mixes or hourly long shows.

Mixxx Broadcast Settings

Broadcasts don't have to be lost to the airwaves as you can record your shows, there are even keyboard shortcuts (CMD+R (recording) & CMD+L (broadcast) on Macs) to record and connect to your station.

Mixxx Setup

What You Need

As Mixxx is supported by multiple operating systems you can download it for the following:

You also need the LAME MP3 encoder which you can get here.

Setup Guide

This guide focuses on a Mac setup, however you can follow it loosely if you're using Windows, Ubuntu, or Linux, alternatively contact us for help.

Download & Install Mixxx

Download the latest version of Mixxx for Mac OS X here.

Run the .dmg file and drag the Mixxx file into Applications.

Open Mixxx and you will be prompted to add your media library into Mixxx, you can also add tracks later on.

Download & Install LAME MP3 Encoder

The LAME MP3 encoder is needed to connect to your online radio station. It establishes a path to stream to your server.

Grab the latest version of the LAME MP3 encoder here.

Unzip the file and run the installer package, then run through the installation wizard.

Add Your Microphone

You can talk over shows by yourself or with guests and control it all through your Mixxx setup.

Mixxx Input Microphones

In Mixxx -> Preferences -> Sound Hardware, click the input button and select the microphone you want to add - You can enter up to 4 microphones which are controllable from the Mixxx dashboard.

Enter Your Radio Station's Details

Mixxx works seamlessly with Radio.co, just enter your radio's information to hook it up.

Mixxx Radio Station Details

In Mixxx -> Preferences -> Live Broadcasting, enter your radio station's details in the Server Connection area:

  • Type: SHOUTcast 1
  • Mount: (Leave blank)
  • Host: E.g. blue.radio.co
  • Port: E.g. 1234
  • Login: (Leave blank)
  • Password: E.g. 1a2b3c4d5e6f

Stream Settings:

  • Stream Name: My Online Radio Show
  • Website: https://radio.co
  • Description: My radio station plays nothing but the best indie tracks
  • Genre: Indie


  • Bitrate: 128kbps (recommended) or 192kbps (faster connection)
  • Format: MP3
  • Channels: Stereo

SHOUTcast Metadata Format:

  • $artist - $title

Leave Custom Metadata as it is, then apply the changes.

Schedule Live Events

Note: Schedule a live event before you broadcast - Set an event within your station's calendar by following this guide.

Schedule DJ

Connect & Broadcast Live Radio

Connect to your station by going to Options, then choose Enable Live Broadcasting. You should receive a notification saying you've connected successfully. In your Radio.co dashboard the Connection Status will change to DJ On Air and your tracks artist and title will also update.

Mixxx Broadcasting Live Radio

You're now up and broadcasting with a Mixxx setup to your radio station!

Did you know that you can start your radio station today for free? With Radio.co you can get started with your 7 day free trial right away! Click the button below to start your journey, alternatively if you have a few questions then get in touch with us at: radio.co/contact.

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