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One Ocean FM: Going Beyond World Ocean Day

Our oceans are under threat and need protection, which is why One Ocean FM is raising awareness on what you can do to help. Be part of the conversation, community, and music.

David Wilkinson

by David Wilkinson in Review

Last updated 06.08.2023

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At we're lucky enough to be home to some of the best radio stations around like Cult Records, Soho Radio, and Melodic Distraction. There's a bunch more, but we couldn't help but tune into the very under watery station One Ocean FM.

One Ocean FM - Who Are They?

Starting out as a pop-up radio station created in celebration of World Ocean Day, these guys are raising awareness of the threats facing the world's oceans. From pollution to overfishing, their aim is to teach people what can be done to stop further harm to our oceans.

Part of The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, One Ocean FM are bringing raising awareness on what you can do to help. Even well-known celebrities like Harrison Ford and Penelope Cruz have borrowed their voices.

What Do They Play?

As well as having campaign documentaries and informative packages, they also broadcast a lot of chilled, beach style music. Similar to soul, jazz, funk, and even branching into house and electronica sometimes. Give them a listen here:

One Ocean FM have a firm belief in the power of community, creativity, and creating a better world for everyone to enjoy and live in. If you want to be apart of it, then find out more here. is home to some pretty amazing stations from around the world. The choose us because of our rock solid platform, constant feature updates, and amazing support.

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