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Professional Audio Equipment You Should Be Using

Are you using professional audio equipment? Whether run a radio show, podcast, or record music mixes, we show you the best equipment you should be using.

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Production

Last updated 06.08.2023

Professional Audio Equipment Webinar

Are you using the best professional audio equipment? Whether you run a radio show, podcast, or record music mixes, we show the best equipment you should be using in our latest Facebook Live event with Editors Keys founder Mark Brown.

Audio Equipment: What We Mentioned

What to Expect: Professional Audio Equipment is joined by Editors Keys founder Mark to discuss everything audio. You will learn what sort of equipment you should be going for to get the best professional sounds. Here's what you can expect from the Facebook Live event:

  • Mark tells us about the cool things he's been working on at Editors Keys and upcoming equipment.
  • We show you some of the best professional audio equipment you should be using (with some exclusive first looks at Editors Keys gear!).
  • Ask us anything! We answer your questions at the end!

If you can't join us during the event then don't worry. Catch up on everything by heading over to our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Special Guest: Mark Brown (Editors Keys Founder)

Mark Brown Editors Keys - Professional Audio Equipment Webinar

Mark is the founder and company director of Editors Keys and Studio Series. Passionate about media and technology, he loves working on new ideas and equipment. He started his career as a floor manager for ITV and worked for shows like Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle before leaving to run Editors Keys full time.

He's grown Editors Keys into what it is today: a well-known destination among audio and video professionals for top quality equipment.

Ask Us Anything: We Answer Your Questions

Have you got a question about professional audio equipment or just need some recommendations? Ask us anything by leaving a comment below or tweeting us. We will try and answer all your questions during the Facebook Live event. If we don't, then be sure get in touch with us at

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