How Radio Stations Can Use Kickstarter to Raise Money

Melodic Distraction radio are using Kickstarter to raise money to improve studio infrastructure, their website, and a mobile app - here's how they're doing it and how you can too!

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Tips

Last updated 19.08.2020

Kickstarter Raising Money

Running an independent internet radio station can sometimes leave your pockets feeling a bit empty. There's lots you need from equipment to service costs. That's why Melodic Distraction radio are using Kickstarter to raise money. With the cash they're improving studio infrastructure, their website, and mobile app - here's how they're doing it and how you can too!

Raising Money for Your Radio Station

Kickstarter is a tool for you to raise money for your radio station. Melodic Distraction are using it with the goal of making their station run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

They're a definitive voice in Liverpool's independent music scene, currently broadcasting 6 evenings a week from the hear of the city's thriving Baltic Triangle district. Starting in January 2017 with just a handful of shows, the station blossomed into a 75 show schedule that includes hosts such as Africa Oyé, Gottwood and Liverpool Disco Festival.

By funding their Kickstarter, donations will be enabling Melodic Distraction to build upon what has already been created. Their £10,000 goal will allow them to move towards a 24-hours a day broadcast schedule. People pledging donations get a few free goodies, from £1 you get access to the beta MDR app, to £8,000 you get a dinner with one of the founders at a 2 Micheline star restaurant in Lima (they're not joking)!

Donating to Melodic Distraction

If you enjoy listening to independent radio and want to support the awesome team behind Melodic Distraction, then help them out by donating through their Kickstarter.


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