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Rodecaster Pro: The Desk For All Broadcasters

Rode is looking to revolutionise the mixing desk with the Rodecaster Pro. Have they succeeded?

Phil Dean

by Phil Dean in Review

Last updated 16.07.2024

Rodecaster Pro Review Header

Rode are famous for producing high quality, affordable microphones. Now, with the Rodecaster Pro, Rode is bringing their unique brand of quality and affordability into the digital mixing desk market. Have Rode created the ultimate desk for broadcasters? Let’s find out.

The Rodecaster Pro is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

A New Kind of Desk

The Rodecaster is a neat, compact desk with 8 channels and accompanying faders. 4 for the XLR inputs found on the back of the desk and 4 separate faders for USB connections, Bluetooth and the soundboard. A micro SD input is included at the back of the desk, allowing you to record entire shows onto your card without having to connect to a laptop.

Image shows a Rodecaster pro, on a desk with a computer behind it. Image is taken from the same level as the Rodecaster Pro.

The Rodecaster is packed with features won't find on your typical broadcasting desk. This includes the soundboard, which can queue up different sound effects and play them on the fly, perfect for jingles, intros and outros. The soundboard's colour coded buttons remove any worries of mixing them up, so you only have to worry about putting on a great show!

Rode fit even more flexibility into the Rodecaster with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone or laptop to the mixer. Using this with the soundboard opens up a world of exciting possibilities; build an archive of clips and sounds you can store on other devices, and even take phone calls directly through your desk!

Broadcasting Without Limits

Image shows a close up of the faders on the Rodecaster Pro.

What makes the Rodecaster so impressive is that Rode has managed to fit it all inside a sleek and attractive package without compromising its quality. The Rodecaster is smaller than your average desk but with just as much punch and functionality, so it's very convenient to transport. Unlike other desks, you can take this with you anywhere with no added hassle, ideal for the broadcaster on the go!

If there is one issue with the Rodecaster, the quality of the faders falls short of the rest of the desk. They feel loose and plasticky, and adjusting them highlights their flimsiness, something Rode should look to improve with future desks.

The Judgement

A good broadcasting desk does its job without ever getting in the way or distracting you. For all its features and flexibility, the Rodecaster’s greatest accomplishment is its accessibility to all broadcasters, turning the hassle of setting up and managing a desk into something anyone can do.

What do you think of the Rodecaster Pro? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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