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sE Electronics Reflection Filter X Vocal Booth

Is a reflection filter worth the money? Find out in our full review of the sE Electronics Reflection Filter X Vocal Booth.

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Review

Last updated 06.08.2023

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By design, microphones are really sensitive. You need a way to reduce outside noises from being picked up and ruining your recordings. The sE Electronics Reflection Filter X Vocal Booth does just that. Find out if it’s worth investing in one in our full review.

What is a Reflection Filter?

Reflection filters, also known as portable sound booths, are tools used to reduce outside noises from affecting your recordings. Circular in design, they often have a hard back and are comprised of foam on the inside to cushion and make audio sound softer.

Reflection filters can vary though. Some are just curved shields of foam that sit behind the mic (like this Pro Acoustic one). These don’t necessarily help with pop and plosives, but they can help with focusing main audio and dampening ambient background noises.

Recording with the Reflection Filter

Written words only go so far to explain how the sE Electronics Reflection Filter stacks up. We’ve recorded small sound bites with and without the reflection filter so you can hear for yourself just how well it performs. Please bear in mind, the recording was in a large room, so you will still hear slight reverbs and echoes.

Without the Reflection Filter

With the Reflection Filter

Does it Actually Work?

As you just heard from both recordings there is a noticeable difference (even in a big echoey room). Without the reflection filter we heard the room’s echo was picked up and more ambient noise was present. With the reflection filter it significantly reduced these problems.

We could definitely see this being a major plus for recording long audio takes for things like voice overs or even songs as it would reduce post-production editing. Although, it doesn’t get rid of people talking in the background and very loud noises like car horns outside, so it’s not the best solution for every situation.


The sE Electronics Reflection Filter X does a great job at dampening room noises for vocals, giving you dry vocal sounds so you can tweak it with effects later on. While not perfect for every situation (like blocking out out a conversation nearby), it’s a handy tool worth using to minimise ambient and otherwise echoey rooms. Works really well overall, giving you the similar results as a makeshift home studio.

What do you think of the sE Electronics Reflection Filter X Vocal Booth? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions about microphone equipment like this then be sure to get in touch with us at

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