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Whalebone Magazine: Lifestyle Brand Celebrating Positivity

More than just a brand, Whalebone Magazine is a lifestyle choice promoting positivity and authenticity through print, events, socials, and radio.

David Wilkinson

by David Wilkinson in Review

Last updated 06.08.2023

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A lot of brands today kinda feel the same, so it's rare when you see authentic and positive ones like Whalebone Magazine. Promoting healthy lifestyle choices, they celebrate like-minded people and places through print, events, socials, and online radio hosted exclusively with Radio.co.

Whalebone Magazine - Who Are They?

Founded in 2010 by Jesse Joeckel, Whalebone Magazine started off as designer t-shirts and logos for surf shops, but quickly grew into a lifestyle brand.

Now with 2 stores, Whalebone has expanded their lifestyle brand into print (that publishes 6 times a year), epic social events, and of course their online radio station: Whalebone Radio.

What Do They Play?

Tuning into Whalebone Radio, you'll hear a mix of positive tracks to get your through the day. There's morning meditations, afternoon punk hour, evening stand-up, and soothing ocean noises to help you fall asleep.

Wanna know what's on during the week? Check out the weekly broadcast schedule for your dose of the good stuff!

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