Whiskas Cat Calm Radio: Relaxing Ambient Music for Felines

Stressful day? Why not kick back and relax with your furry feline friend by tuning into the soothing Whiskas Cat Calm Radio.

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Review

Last updated 05.08.2020

Whiskas Cat Calm Radio Header

Long stressful days are never fun, so it's important to kick back and relax with your furry feline friend by tuning into the soothing Whiskas Cat Calm Radio, hosted exclusively on Radio.co.

Cat Calm Radio - Who Are They?

Cat Calm Radio is from the minds behind the very popular cat food Whiskas. Developed with the help of BBDO, the campaign is designed to help cats live healthy and happy lives.

Research shows that cat's brains mature outside the womb, so noises like purring and suckling of milk help them relax. Whether your cat is at home, in the car, or just in an unfamiliar place, Whiskas Cat Calm Radio plays instinctive sounds to sooth any feline.

What Do They Play?

Despite their curious nature, cats can often get stressed. Whiskas Cat Calm Radio offers relaxing ambient music played non-stop. Set the station going and leave it on in the background for your furry feline friend.

Composer and musician, David Teie, created Cat Calm's songs based on his own music album: Music for Cats (available on Amazon USA and Amazon UK).

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