Create stunning Android and iPhone apps for your radio station. Easily design to match the look and feel of your station's brand. No coded needed, we’ll submit the apps to Apple or Google for you! Order, update, and submit your apps for development by following this guide.

Design & Brand Your App

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Apps are custom built by the team here at and dedicated to you and your listeners who can easily access your stream on either iOS on The App Store or Android devices on Google Play.

Your app adapts to the listener’s screen size, so it always looks good. Access your station’s app on an iPad or larger Android device such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Z4 or Amazon Fire.

Radio Alarm Clock & Sleep Timer

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The radio alarm clock and sleep timer are designed in a “set it and forget it” way so you can schedule the app’s music to close or open when you like.

The alarm clock turns your station’s stream on whenever your want, you can even set a snooze time if you’re using it as a morning alarm. The sleep timer does the opposite by switching off your stream if you’re not around.

Share Your Station

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Share whatever your station's playing via any other app installed on your phone like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Listeners can organically spread the word about your station to friends or followers which can help your station grow.

Reviews Made Easy

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Increase your radio station’s visibility and ranking in both The App Store and Google Play by gaining 5 star reviews from your listeners.

People trust other’s recommendations, so showcase your station whenever you can to look good, that’s why the app has a built in feature which makes it easy to review your radio station app.

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