Embed Radio Player

Give listeners plenty of opportunities to tune into your station, one quick way you can do this is to embed your radio station's player directly onto your website.

Embed Code Element

You have the freedom to modify every little detail on your website to match your radio station's brand.

Dragging the embed code onto your page allows for customisable scripts to be quickly dropped in, like Radio.co's now playing info or embeddable radio players.

Radio Player Script

    The easiest way to add any of your players without having to understand a single line of code.

    Embed your radio player script within the embed code element by grabbing it from your Radio.co Account.

Live Player

    Once your player's script is embeded you can publish your site to set the changes live.

    The website builder is super easy to use and allows you to create wonderfully cool and engaging sites like idealstation.io.

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