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Home studios evolve over time, at first you start off simple and cheap, then upgrade and add as you grow - Eventually your setup gets more sophisticated so your recordings improve and you can even invite guests along for interviews. Equipment used:

Note: You will need software for your setup to broadcast live - Check out Radio.co's Knowledge Base.

Location Upgrades

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  • Acoustic Panels: Strategically place foam panels on your walls to significantly alter the room’s acoustics for better sounding audio.
  • Carpet: Lay down carpet tiles on wooden flooring to absorb sound and really lock-in audio.

Advanced Equipment

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  • Microphone: A condenser microphone allows you to either capture live or recorded audio due to it's source seperation and feedback rejection.
  • Audio Interface: Acting as a preamp and power supply, it allows multiple microphone connections for live interviews or podcasts.

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