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As a broadcaster it’s important to have the right space and equipment for your station, but we can’t all afford the newest and best tech on offer, that’s why we’re going to show you how to get setup with just the essentials you’ll need to create your very own home studio! Equipment used:

Note: You will need software for your setup to broadcast live - Check out Radio.co's Knowledge Base.


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  • Noise: Choose the quietest room for broadcasting, preferably one where you can make as much noise as you want.
  • Size: Choose a room that fits your needs, with an area for equipment and free space in case you need it.
  • Acoustics: Choose a carpeted room with few or small windows to minimise reverberations.


relax for radio

  1. Computer: Most computers/laptops will be fine, as long as they have USB ports and a headphone jack.
  2. Microphone: Easy to setup USB plug and play mics.
  3. Stand & Shockmount: Reduce vibrations for better sounding audio.
  4. Headphones: Basic headphones or earphones will do the trick.

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