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Want to build your own professional studio and have total control over your shows? We show you everything you need to get setup. From radio station equipment to how it all fits together. By the end, you will have a studio suitable for multiple guests, live callers, and have complete control over your shows. Equipment used:

Note: You will need software for your setup to broadcast live - Check out Radio.co's Knowledge Base.

Axia iQ Mixing Console

axia iq mixing console

The Axia iQ AoIP mixing console has 8 configurable channels, 4 of which are mic inputs. These are ideal for managing up to 3 live guests on your shows.

The mixer is completely digital. It runs audio over IP, which means nothing is connected to the mixer directly. Instead, everything is plugged into the QOR.32 mix engine. Overall it's an extremely flexible and versatile desk that's ideal for lots of audio equipment and can be fully customised to meet most station's needs.

Electro Voice RE320 Microphone

relax for radio

The Electro Voice RE320 is an exceptionally versatile microphone. It dual position contour switch which picks up spoken word clearly, along with instruments like guitars and drums. As it’s a dynamic mic it cancels out background noise.

The humbucking coil within the mic automatically reduces sensitivity from far away sounds, giving your voice a warm rich sound.

Electro Voice 309A Shock Mount

relax for radio

We are using the RE320 with the Electro Voice 309A shock mount. This keeps it in place. It essentially reduces chances of vibrations if the mic or desk gets nudged accidentally.

Plus, it's ideal for adjusting the angle of the mic t point upwards of downwards depending on your position.

Rode PSA1 Boom Arm

rode psa1 boom arm

The shock mount is attached to the Rode PSA1 boom arm. Swivelling boom arms like this can be adjusted for height and direction. Easily manoeuvre it for a sitting or standing position.

Attach the arm to the edge of the table and tie your mic’s cable to the arm itself for a neater setup.

DBX 286S Microphone Processor

dbx 286 microphone processor

A microphone processor like the DBX 286S adds a grander feel to your audio and cleans up the signal. For example, it can remove background noises and sibilants. These are words that have an S in them, resulting in harsh sounds.

These often cause high frequency and audio distortion, so the processor levels out these types of noises for smoother sounding audio.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones

relax for radio

Beyerdynamic DT7770 Pro are industry standard headphones used by popular commercial stations like BBC Radio 1. Broadcasters choose these because they are extremely comfortable and ideal for lengthy periods. They come with a long flexible cable which is handy if you happen to be far away from your setup or move about a lot

Each headphone cup is padded and rests gently over the ear. They cancel out most outside noises. Overall the bass response is fantastic as it offers higher quality audio reproduction.

Custom Built PC (Running Windows 10)

relax for radio

Powering the studio is a custom built PC that runs Windows 10. It has a 4th gen i3 processor, 240GB SSD, 8GB DDR3 RAM, and 4TB external hard-drive. It’s a pretty fast machine that can keep up with the demands of a professional radio studio setup.

All of this is housed in the Silencio 452 case which minimises noise. For ease of use, the station is managed with an Acer T232HL touch screen. The monitor is attached to an arm desk mount just like the mic boom arm. This allows broadcasters in the studio to manoeuvre the screen for a better position.

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