Radio Broadcasting Guide for Beginners |

Why 🤔

Online radio has skyrocketed in the industry to become the most efficient way to broadcast. has been at the forefront helping stations succeed.

Choosing the Right Equipment 🎙️

Every radio studio is unique. Whether you need a budget-friendly setup or a professional multi-presenter suite, get to know your options.

Live Broadcasting 🔴

Choose the right software for your setup. From advanced multi-deck programs to simple click-and-connect ones, get to know what’s best for your radio station.

5 Marketing Methods 📢

Tuning in to online radio is incredibly easy. From social media to local events, choose the most effective ways to get in front of your listeners.

Common Questions Answered 🤔

Launching your own radio station may leave you with questions. From licensing to profanity, get to know common problems and solutions.

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