Designed for absolute beginners, our Back to Basics course teaches you the essentials to broadcast online. So put down those tangled up cables, grab yourself a brew, and get ready to start your radio station.

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Radio Software Needed to Broadcast

Choose the right software for your setup. From advanced multi-deck programs to simple click and connect ones, get to know what’s best for your radio station.

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Basic Hardware and Cables to Broadcast Live

Condenser or dynamic microphone? Audio interface or mixer? Boom arm or mic stand? With so much choice available it can be a minefield finding the right equipment. Whether you need a simple one mic setup or something more advanced, get to know what’s available and how it all connects together.

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Radio Studio Setup for Complete Novices

Make a studio your own. Carve out a space suitable for even the most professional of broadcasters with sound-treatment, audio equipment, and playout software.

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Home Radio Studio Improvements

Whether you need a mixer with a dozen channels, easily adjustable swivel boom arms, or just a better microphone, then get to grips with how you can upgrade your studio setup.

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11 Most Common Radio Questions Answered

How do people listen to online radio? What computer do I need? Where can I buy equipment? Find the answers to these and more common questions about starting a radio station.

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Start broadcasting today. Take a quick tour through to see how you can get set up, on-air, and streaming to your listeners in no time.

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