Organising Events | allows you to fine tune your schedule to the nearest minute and add either automated (playlist), live DJ or live relay events.

To get started, head to your dashboard then click on Schedule in the sidebar. We recommend using a computer over a tablet or mobile device to create your schedule initially.

By default, the schedule will show you this week, in 15-minute segments. You can change the week using the back/next buttons in the upper left. You can also change the view between 1 hour and 5-minute segments using the option at the bottom of the screen. See a month overview of your schedule by clicking Month. Return to this week's view by clicking Today.

There are two ways to add an event to the schedule:

  • Dragging down on the calendar from the start time to the end time. This is great if you have shows starting/ending on the hour and is the fastest way to add events.
  • Click the Add Event button in the upper right. This will allow you to fine tune the event start/end time to the nearest minute, giving you the greatest control.

This method is recommended for adding events on mobile devices.

Event Options

On clicking the Add Event button, or dragging down on the schedule, the Event Options pop-up will appear.

  • Playlist: Choose a playlist from your station. The playlist will loop continuously throughout the duration of the scheduled event.
  • Start Time: This is displayed in the timezone of your station. Click to quickly choose a time from the spinner or type it in. Time entered is in 24-hour format.
  • Duration: Specify how long your event will last. Events have a maximum duration of 24 hours (24:00). The end time of your event is displayed on the right for your convenience. This is displayed in the timezone of your station.
  • Days: Choose the days of the current week you would like your event to air. If you select multiple days, the events will be scheduled at the same time on these days.
  • Repeat: If you want this event to repeat every week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks, choose an option here. You can also specify when you what date you want the event to stop repeating (default 1 month ahead). To disable repeat, toggle the selected option off.

To create an event, click the green Create Event button. Adding recurring events may take a few seconds to save. A progress wheel will be displayed.

Advanced Options

If you wish to schedule a Live DJ or Relay, or change event behaviours, click the yellow Advanced button towards the lower right of the popup. The Advanced drawer will open.

Different options will be available depending on which Event Type you choose, and the plan you are currently on.

Event Type

  • Playlist: Plays your selected playlist for the duration of the event.
  • Live DJ: Permits a live connection from the selected DJ for the duration of the event. The playlist will be used as a backup in the event the Live DJ is unable to connect.
  • Live Relay: Airs the selected Relay for the duration of the event. The playlist will be used as a backup in the event a relay connection cannot be established.


  • Overrun: Playlist events only - When enabled, at the end of a scheduled event, the current track will continue until the end. The next playlist will start later than scheduled. When disabled, the next playlist will interrupt the current playing track so it starts on time.
  • Track Information: All event types - Choose to only show your playlist metadata or track metadata for your event.
  • Record Broadcast: Live DJ events only - Record your show and add it to your media library for playback later, or download it so you can publish to third party podcasting services.

Updating Events

Click the event you wish to update within your calendar. The Event Options popup will appear. You can change all the above options here.

Make your changes then click the green Update Event button. If your event is singular, it will save and the popup will close. If you are editing a repeating event you will have a few more options.

Choose an option then click Confirm. The event will be updated. If you are updating a repeating event, please allow additional time for it to save.

Deleting Events

Click the event you wish to remove to bring up the Event Popup. Click the Delete Event button.

If the event is singular, it will be deleted when this button is clicked. If the event is part of a recurring series, you will be asked if you want to only remove this event or all of them.

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