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The song requests feature allows you to provide interactivity on your station. Listeners can choose from a list of tracks you specify to be played on any of your playlists automatically. The more popular a track request is, the sooner it will play! Access this tool in your Dashboard.

Making a Request Widget

In your Dashboard, head to Requests > Widgets in the sidebar. Click the green Dashboard, head to the Create Widget button in the upper right and give the widget a pet name.

Song Requests Create New Widget

The widget editor will load. You can see a preview of how your request widget will look on its various sections on the right-hand side.

Song Requests Widget Editor


  • Name - rename your widget. This is a pet name so you can identify it on your dashboard.
  • Size - Choose a predefined size or custom from the drop-down menu.
  • Background, Text, Button - Specify the colour used for each section using the colour picker. Corners - Choose either rounded or square corners
  • Style - To fill the widget background with your album art, choose Cover Art. Choose Colour for the background to remain as a solid colour
  • Button Style - Choose from square or round buttons
  • List Artwork - Display artwork in your widget's search list.
  • Confirmation Text - Customise the text shown when a listener has requested a track.

Change the settings and save. Embed the widget on your site using the code shown at the top of the widget editor.

Playing Requests

Requests can be played out in any of your playlists. To do this you will need to add the special Request Tag to your playlists.

Song Requests Playlist Tag

You can find this under Tags in your Playlist editor. If there are requests in the queue they will air each time the request tag is reached in the playlist. If the request queue is empty, the request tag will be discarded and the playlist will advance to the next position.

Note: If you have no request tags placed in any playlists, requests will not air.

Request Settings

Set which tracks you'd like to become available for request, along with listener rules by either clicking the cog icon within Requests or directly in Settings > Advanced.

Song Requests Settings

Turn Requests on using the toggle switch. This will also show the options as per the image above.

  • Policy - Choose to either allow or block specific tagged tracks on your request widget. In most use cases this should be set to Allow.
  • Tags - List the tags you wish to apply or block from the request widget list.
  • Rules - Change the number of times a unique listener can request tracks within a specified time period.
  • Expiry - Specify how long a request can remain unplayed before being removed from the queue. Set this to 0 for no expiry.

If you wish to disable requests, you can use the toggle switch on this page. When requests are disabled, a message will appear on your widget letting your listeners know.

Request Management

Head to Requests > Manage to load your current requests list. Here you can see how many votes each track has had and remove tracks from the queue. The track at the top of the queue will play first.

Requests use a voting priority system. If a track gets more votes it will move up the queue and play sooner. If you wish to clear all requests, click Clear All in the upper left.

Song Requests Clear All

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