Edit audio playback for any track directly in your browser. Adjust start/endpoints, fade in/out, and your track information, which is ideal for shows that want to segue smoothly between music.

Custom Cue Points & Crossfading

relax for radio

Add custom start and end points to tracks, perfect for long intros that don't immediately start right away or outros that you want to cut short.

Professional broadcasters fade audio in and out to move between tracks without jolting from one to another. Set your track's fade in and out lengths to work with your shows.

Edit Track Information

relax for radio

Spotted a typo in your track or need to add details to a custom show? You can update your track's information within your dashboard like the title, artist, and album.

Edit your track information in Tracks -> Track Editor. For more information on how to use custom cue points and crossfading then head here.