Programming radio shows used to involve preparing well in advance, but now you don’t have too! Record voice tracking links, mix songs, and add jingles to create the perfect playlist that sounds like you are broadcasting live. Access this cool new feature along with better scheduling and live broadcast recordings in your Dashboard.

Voice tracking is available on the Broadcaster and Station plans. If you are on the DJ plan then upgrade in Dashboard > Settings > Billing > Change Plan.

Recording Voice Tracks

Recording Voice Track

Start recording by selecting the microphone icon in a playlist and allowing permission for to use your select mic. Click the red microphone button to begin. Recordings can last up to 10 minutes.

Once you have finished recording click the stop button. A green play button will appear so you can preview the voice track. Enter your recording's title and artist. When you are happy with the track click create.

Managing Voice Tracks

Managing Voice Tracks

Once a voice track has been created it gets automatically added to your media area. In here edit the track’s cue and fade points, artwork, and metadata.

For an in depth look at how the voice tracker works then check out our help guide here.

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