5 Best Radio Websites (& Why They're Awesome)

Get inspired from these top 5 best radio websites and easily build your very own site in minutes with the help of Radio.co.

Rhys Hancock
5 Best Radio Websites

A website is the cornerstone of any radio station, without one you miss important opportunities to drive up growth and engage with your listeners. We’ve done some digging around and found 5 of the best radio websites built right here using the Radio.co Website Builder.

5 Best Radio Websites

Get inspired by using these sites as a stepping stone to give you some ideas to what you can achieve with your own radio station website.

5. Soulfinity Radio

For a lot of listeners a radio station website is a source of information on bands, local news, and upcoming gigs. In fact it’s the main reason visitors stick around, so a site like Soulfinity Radio jam packed with the latest news and gossip keeps listeners coming back.

Soulfinity Radio is highly dense with upcoming band news focusing on house, techno, funk, and disco music. Although the overall design is on the darker side of the spectrum, it doesn’t take anything away. For example shows and DJs are showcased front and centre on the page so they stick out for visitors to discover content for themselves.

Listeners coming to your site often need a nudge in the right direction to tune into your station. Players are embedded at the top of most pages so they’re easy to access. There’s also direct links to the stream, on third-party sites like Streema, and on-demand shows in places like SoundCloud.

Soulfinity Radio’s is powered by fresh shows from new and upcoming DJs, so they’re put front and centre on the site. Each DJ has their own page with links out to their back catalogue of content. There’s also opportunities for DJs to get involved so they can showcase their tracks.

Soulfinity Radio Homepage - best radio websites

4. Big Time Radio

First impressions are everything, so it doesn’t hurt to have a good looking website like Big Time Radio. Going for something simple but visually pleasing, BTR chooses style over substance. Every page has big bold writing that catches the eye, so everything is simplified and pretty easy to view.

The best radio websites all have something in common, which is they are easy to view no matter what device you're using. Every website created with the Radio.co Website Builder is dynamic. Images, text, and everything else you see changes based on the user screen size, for example if you’re on a phone then content like a header image gets resized to perfectly fit. It’s a cool way for sites like BTR to visually tell a story of a band or artist without compromising quality.

Listeners often visit sites like BTR to catch up on events and news, so that’s things like reading interviews from artists, looking at upcoming gigs, and listening to tracks they love on the station. BTR has a player embedded on every page, so it’s more convenient for visitors to tune into shows without having to navigate to a listen page.

Big Time Homepage

3. The Fountain Internet Radio

Words can be a very powerful tool to get your point across. Take religious site The Fountain Internet Radio for example, it has nicely styled pages that focus on engaging with visitors using simple but effect messaging.

Their dynamic site is clean with minimal fuss, for example the homepage greets you with just a logo, some text, and player that automatically tunes into their station. It’s sleek and effective, so as soon as you land on the page you instantly know what the radio station is about. This design is rippled throughout their entire site, so every page greets you with this clean approach. Plus the Radio.co embeddable player is on every page, this way listeners stay connected no matter which part of the site their on.

The Fountain Radio - Homepage

2. The Highland Collective

More isn’t always better. Take the cluttered website from Mix 106.3, there’s quite a lot going on for you to make one decisive action. Frequent visitors might see this as useful with plenty of content to discover, but to newcomers it can look like a mess.

The Highland Collective, or HICO for short, have gone for a minimalist approach. They’re based in Florida running their radio station which focuses on indie, alternative, hip hop, electronic, and experimental music. Their goal is to update music lovers with daily news bites, reviews, features, and interviews with top talent from the industry.

HICO have taken a simple but effective design approach to their website. Going for a black and white theme, their pages showcase bands and artists that catch the eye. Take the homepage for example, immediately you get drawn to the colourful images in the centre of the page, so content is given the stage. Light stylish sites like this are a good way to show off news and updates without distracting visitors.

The HICO Homepage

1. Mighty Mix Radio

It can be difficult to find what you want when a website is crammed with loads of content. Simple layouts like Mighty Mix Radio strip everything back. Details about upcoming shows, mixes, and events are all split across different pages so each has a clear purpose. Take the homepage, for example, it consists of a player to tune into the station and a few social buttons.

Spreading everything out like this is a great way to tailor content for a specific purpose. Whether that's what your station is about, what you play, or your weekly schedule.

Mighty Mix Radio Website

Build Your Own Website Today

These are just some of the best radio websites we’ve come across so far, but each one is different and worth looking into for inspiration for your own site. Using the Radio.co Website Builder you can easily create your own radio station site in no time. Build stunning web pages with no fuss and no technical headaches as we show you below.

View your station across any device, regardless if that’s on a computer, laptop, iPhone, or Android device. You don’t need any technical knowledge as you can choose a theme to match the look and feel of your radio station’s brand.

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