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5 Christmas Radio Stations for Yuletide Delights

Celebrate the stations spreading cheer over the festive period. Check out the best Christmas radio stations to get you into the yuletide spirit.

James Mulvany

by James Mulvany in Marketing

Last updated 06.08.2023

5 Christmas Radio Stations Header

Christmas only comes once a year, and with it comes the usual raft of jingles and merry tunes. Stations look to capitalise on the season by indulging in winter traditions. But which ones really capture the festive spirit? Decide for yourself with our top 5 Christmas radio stations, hand-picked to get you in a holly-jolly mood.

5. The Christmas Station

The Christmas Station

The Christmas Station starts us off with some classic Christmas tunes that will light up your home even on the darkest of winter nights. They play all the songs you would expect but boast the unique selling point of allowing listeners to submit their own Christmas songs to be played on the station. So when you tune in, you could get the rare treat of hearing Christmas songs that no one else has ever experienced before.

The Christmas Station is a bit barebones in comparison with the other stations on this list, with its only other big feature being a Christmas countdown clock on the main page of their website. Despite this, The Christmas Station presents excellent seasonal songs that will cheer up any household.

4. FM Goud - The Christmas Station

FM Goud

One for the multi-lingual Christmas lovers out there. FM Goud provides top-quality Dutch language Christmas broadcasts, which immediately sets them apart from our English speaking stations. If you want to get a taste of what Christmas feels like over in the jolly Netherlands, this is the station for you!

You may not be able to understand what they’re saying, but Christmas is more of a feeling anyway.

As you can tell from their name, FM Goud also broadcasts on the FM frequency in the Netherlands, so if you ever find yourself in the area, you can tune in from your radio, as well as your phone! And when you do tune in, don’t worry about hearing Dutch Christmas hits you’ve never heard of before, FM Goud mix in a healthy amount of hits you’ll know and love, from Wham to the Jackson 5.

3. North Pole Radio

North Pole Radio

This US-based station bills themselves as ‘The North Pole’s Official Radio Station’. And has a number of excellent features on their website that play into this. From the homepage, you can find ‘the Santa tracker’ which allows you to ‘track’ Santa as he approaches your home on Christmas eve.

Among other family-friendly activities are Santa’s blog, which gives daily jolly updates on what Santa’s up to in the days leading to Christmas, and also a page where you can control Santa’s Christmas tree lights via live stream. As you can tell, some of these ideas are a little outside the box, which we appreciate. It’s always good to bring some new ideas to the table, even with something as tried and tested as Christmas radio.

When you tune in to their broadcasts, you’ll be greeted all the merriment and Christmas songs you’d expect, ranging from Bing Crosby to The Eagles. If they wrote a Christmas song, you’ll hear it. Like Sound of the Season, you can enjoy North Pole Radio without worrying about distracting commercials breaking the flow, yet another reason they find themselves in our top 5 Christmas Radio Stations.

2. Sound of the Season

Sound of the Season

Sound of the Season doesn’t just fill your Christmas spirit, it may fill your Christmas stockings too! Instead of just playing non-step tunes, Sound of the Season includes a bit of seasonal shopping advice as part of their regular programming.

Mini-features like ‘Topping the Wishlist’ gives listeners advice on the hot new products, and ‘Joy to the World’ tells the stories of different celebrations and Christmas traditions across the world. Diversifying their content certainly adds some spice into their regular schedules and prevents it from being wall-to-wall Christmas songs, which could become a bit repetitive. Although, isn’t that why you listen to a Christmas station in the first place?

However, the real selling point for Sound of the Season is their commercial-free broadcasts. That’s right! You can enjoy all your favourite Christmas music for as long as you want with no distracting ad breaks. That alone is enough to net them a spot as one of the top 5 Christmas radio stations! Everything else is just a bonus, really.

1. Santa Radio

Santa Radio

Santa Radio has all the trappings you would expect of a Christmas themed station; cheery presentation, bells, mistletoe and lots of Christmas music. But it has a lot more on top that elevates it above other themed stations.

Visiting their website, you’ll find a countdown, ticking away the days till Christmas and a number of activities and apps you can use to create personalised messages from Santa to your children. These aren’t limited to messages from Santa, your children can send messages to Santa, there’s a Christmas soundboard available, take ‘Santa Selfies’ and more!

Santa Radio builds a true sense of Christmas spirit and community, and for that not only is it an excellent station but right at home at the top of our 5 Christmas radio stations.

5 Christmas Radio Stations for Yuletide Delights

These 5 Christmas Radio Stations will brighten up the lonely winter nights and bring some seasonal cheer into your home. Are there any you know of that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below!

And if you can’t get enough of all the reindeers, bells, candy canes and cheer from these Christmas radio stations, why not consider starting your own with Radio.co? Start your 7-day FREE trial today!

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