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Create Radio Apps With Ease

Go mobile and let your station flourish. Create radio apps for both Android and iOS, the best way to reach listeners wherever they are.

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Marketing

Last updated 04.03.2021

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Today there are around 14 billion phones. By 2024, that number is estimated to reach 18 billion. So with the sharp rise of phones in everyone's pockets, from children to grandmothers, you'd be missing out on not going mobile.

But creating radio apps is easier than you think. From concept to production, customise your own branded apps with And get your station on Android and iOS devices in no time.


Please be aware, mobile development time varies. Android and iOS apps usually take up to 10 working days, but support keep you updated.

Why Your Station Needs to Create Radio Apps

Creating radio apps may not seem like a top priority, but limiting your station to a website, directories, or social media won't grow your listeners anytime soon. Radio apps are a better way to expand your reach. But apps are more than just a dedicated hub for your shows, they're an extension of your brand with tools like:

  • Alarms: Monday mornings just got better. Set a time to wake up or snooze your station.
  • Sharing: Let listeners do the hard work. Share your shows on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Reviews: Build your reputation. Get listeners to say nice things to pull in more people.
  • Devices: No matter the screen size, your app will always look good.

Create a Central Hub For Your Listeners

Many new radio stations have trouble building a ‘home base’ for their brand. Websites are a great option, but some don’t have time to design a full webpage and others don’t have the money for pricey domain names.

Radio apps offer a fantastic alternative to websites. With a few taps of the screen, your listeners can listen in, on their way to work or wherever they’re going. Your apps can be personalised to reflect your brand and values, so listeners feel like they’re carrying your station in their pocket.

Design App

The app builder gives you all the tools you need to design the ideal hub for listeners on the go.

Ordering Your Radio Apps

To use our app builder services, you need to have an Apple or Google developer account. Without this, your app won’t be able to get onto their stores.

Kick-off by going into your dashboard to Add Ons, where you’ll find the option for iOS and Android apps. Choose whichever you fancy, or both.


If you already have a Gold plan you’ll have access to Android apps, our Pro plan comes with access to both.

In the checkout, agree to the Terms and Conditions. You’ll also need your Apple developer details at hand if you’re buying iOS apps.

Buy Apps

After purchase, you’ll receive an email with details on how to submit your app for development.

Designing Your Radio Apps

Now, in your App Builder, you can download the Android Template and iPhone Template to get started with your app’s visual design.

To submit your details for development, you need to determine details like the App Name, Icon, Colours, Background etc. You can refer to the image below or our help guide on how you can design your app and finish your submission.

Design Screen

Next, our support team will contact you back within 72 hours to let you know if it’s been accepted or rejected for development. If you do get rejected, follow the team’s instructions on the next steps.

Ready to Create Radio Apps Today?

Create Radio Apps Final

Creating radio apps is easy nowadays. Especially when you've got a team of developers and radio professionals in your corner. So take your idea and run with it. Submit your app designs and we'll do the rest.

And if you're new to radio then start things off right with a 7 day free trial. Perfect for beginners and professionals, curate shows and build apps in no time.

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