Facebook Live Audio for Online Radio Broadcasts

In late 2016, Facebook announced a new way for you to connect with your friends and share what you’re doing with Facebook Live Audio.

What is Facebook Live Audio?

It’s a way for you to broadcast and share live audio online directly to Facebook. Just like Facebook Live, which focuses on video, Live Audio is a stream you can share with anyone who can join in on the conversation with a live written feed.

Facebook Live Audio Mobile Hand

Will it Affect Radio?

Radio as a medium isn’t going anywhere. When television was introduced everyone thought radio would slowly fade into the distance, but the opposite happened. Radio, live audio, and podcasting are all now huge, which is all thanks to the accessibility and growing number of people online.

Just in the UK alone radio listening figures for online, DAB, DTV, and traditional radio have increased year on year according to RAJAR Q3 2016.

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How Can I Use it?

At the moment it’s not yet available, however it is being tested with services like BBC World, LBC, and Harper Collins. Facebook Live Audio should be available to everyone early this year on desktop and mobile devices. iOS and Android users will be able to listen in whilst the app is in the background so they can use other services.

Facebook Live Audio 2 Phones

Radio stations will be able to use Facebook Live Audio as another way to share their stream. Essentially stations should be able to run it alongside their broadcasts. There’s also potential for podcasters, news stations, and musicians to promote their broadcasts to a wider audience with Facebook’s billion users.

Can I Broadcast to Facebook Now?

Yes, with Radio.co you can. Connect with your audience on Facebook and stream live broadcasts. Add a custom player branded to your station and put it on your Facebook page.

Radio.co makes it easy to integrate with services like Facebook, Twitter, and many more so you can easily share your stream. You can try Radio.co today for free with a your 7 day trial by clicking the button below.


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1 Comment Facebook Live Audio for Online Radio Broadcasts

  1. Steve Benham

    You can’t use Facebook Live when streaming copyrighted music. Here at Sound Street Radio we have a valid Interactive Webcasting Music License, but unfortunately Facebook Live doesn’t seem to recognize this, so now we are not sure on how best to proceed with Facebook Live having been blocked? Its crazy cos Facebook have not worked out a system yet for legitimate online radio stations and you can’t even contact them to help sort this problem out!


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