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How Do People Listen to My Radio Station?

If you're new to online broadcasting, it's natural to wonder "how will people listen to my station?". Check out our comprehensive guide of how listeners can tune in.

Phil Dean

by Phil Dean in Production

Last updated 14.11.2023

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Those of us of a certain age (ahem) know all too well how to listen to terrestrial radio. That's a case of turning on a radio receiver, tuning in to a frequency and listening to the radio station broadcasting on it.

But instead of the airwaves, online radio broadcasts over the internet. So how do people listen to your online radio station? Thankfully, listening to online radio is possible in many ways..

5 Ways People Can Listen To Your Radio Station

1. Listen Link

A super easy way for people to listen to your station is a through a listen link. A listen link is just a URL that is dedicated to playing your radio stream. Check out this listening link for

When you share a listen link with people, they stream your station from their internet browser.

Many hosting websites will generate a listen link for you but here at we do better, and give you three links:

  • Your standard link is for listeners to stream your station from their browser.
  • Your playlist link lets people listen to your station through apps like Winamp, iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • Your mobile link is a reduced streaming quality for people to listen on their mobile without eating through loads of data or needing a brilliant connection.

To find your listen links, go to the dashboard. From the options on the left hand side, click on Listen and copy your links from the page. (Note, if you can't see your mobile link then go to Settings > Broadcast > toggle on Mobile Streaming and click save.)

2. Radio Players

People can listen to your radio station through your own website with the help of a radio player (aka web players). With, we offer customisable radio players for your site. Set the colour, size and pop-out enabled features of your player. Kpopway Radio Radio customised their radio player to the hot pink colour of their brand. Their radio player pops out too, so listeners can keep Kpopway Radio playing in the background.

A screenshot of the Kpopway Radio homepage which shows their radio player in the centre of the page.
Enable artist artwork on your radio player, like Kpopway Radio, to show your listeners what's playing.

But if just want to jump on in, don't worry! We have a default player ready and waiting for you.

3. Radio Directories

Another way for people to listen to your station is through a radio directory. Radio directories are like big libraries of online radio stations. Streema, for example has 70,000 stations and 10 million listeners using the directory. Radio directories are a friend to online stations, as our founder James explains...

Their users can either tune in to your station on the radio directory website or through its own app. But what’s especially cool is loads of radio directories are compatible with smart speakers. So by submitting your station to various directories, listeners will be able to tune in via their smart speaker.

"Alexa, ask myTuner Radio to play [radio station]"

4. Alexa Skills & Google Assistance Actions

There is a slight catch with radio directories though. If your station has the same name as another station then it won’t know which one to pick and could end up sending your listeners to a completely different station!

A lit up Google Home speaker placed in front and slightly to the side of an Amazon Echo speaker, against a blue background and on a black table.
Let build you an Alexa Skill so listeners can hear your station on their Alexa-enabled speakers.

But there's a way to get around this problem. And that's by building either an Alexa Skill or a Google Assistance Action. These can be used to control an Amazon smart speaker or a Google smart speaker, respectively.

These extra controls can tell the speaker to play your radio station. This is a great feature to have considering the latest RAJAR report has found more people are using smart speakers to listen to radio:

Use of smart speakers now accounts for 10.8% of listening in the UK, up from 9.9% in the previous quarter.

Here at we can build you an Alexa Skill for your station for £8/$10 a month. Once the skill is built, listeners can download it to their Alexa-enabled device. Then they can use your set command to play your station. Sadly, Google Actions has sunset. But there might be a better solution in the future, like Google Radio or Media Actions (subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated).

5. Mobile Apps

3 sample mobile phones with the new apps opened on the screens.
Get a shiny new Android and Apple app for your station with

And finally, the last way people could listen to your station is if you have your own app for people to download direct to their device. If you don’t have a background in app creation - no sweat. Discover how we can help Android & Apple apps for your station.

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