How to Take Phone Calls During Your Radio Show

Do you want to take phone calls during your radio show? Here’s what equipment you need and how to set everything up in a couple of minutes.

Equipment Used

For this setup, we used the following equipment:

Take Phone Calls During Your Radio Show

The great thing about inviting someone onto your show is that they usually give you something fun you could never have planned. For example, the Afternoon Show on MCR Live has people calling up to tell interesting stories that the station would have never been able to share had they not got in touch.

For this setup, we are using the Behringer DX2000USB Pro Mixer. It’s really easy to use and has up to 7 channels. Each device, like a microphone and smartphone, has its own channel. For your setup, you may have several external devices connected to the other channels like a turntable or CD player for music mixes.

Essentially, everything that goes through the mixer gets combined into one channel and sent to the computer.

Setting Up Your Radio Equipment

Everyone’s setup is unique, so your microphone or mixer maybe slightly different. Check out our other video using the smaller Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer. Connect your microphone to the mixer.

Connecting Mic Mixer - Take Phone Calls During Your Radio Show

We’re using the Neumann TLM 103 and a standard XLR cable. Connect your phone using an RCA phono audio cable to another channel.

Make sure each channel is set correctly. For example, with the DX2000USB mixer, channel 1 needs to be set to “mic”. Channel 3 for the phone needs to be set to “phono line”.

Phono Line Phone Calls

When we’re broadcasting we can monitor all the audio through the master channel using a jack adapter and a pair of headphones. We will be able to hear ourselves through the mic, hear the caller, and any other connected device, like music from a turntable.

During the call itself, the person on the other end will be able to hear us through the phone. However, listeners tuned in to the station will hear us through the microphone.

Going Live in 3… 2… 1… 🔴

All the audio, including the mic and caller, will go through an encoder called BUTT. It’s a way to send entire shows to the station online to In the audio settings, select the audio device as the mixer.

System Settings Audio Mixer Phone Call

In the Dashboard, record the broadcast in a scheduled event. This way, we can save the conversation with the live caller for later use.

Recording Live DJ Event - Take Phone Calls During Your Radio Show

You are now ready to take phone calls during your radio show.

You Are Live Now

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