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Professional radio broadcasters need a serious setup, that’s why we’re going to show you how to create a studio suitable for advanced broadcasters, with multiple microphones, a call in facility, and multiple playback audio channels. All of which will be routed in through a mixing desk to give you complete control over your live broadcasts.

Equipment used:

Mixing Desk - Behringer DX2000USB Pro Mixer

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A mixing desk is the hub of any radio station by taking in different audio channels and pushes them out for broadcasts online.

This model offers 7 channels - 2 are preamp phantom power microphone connections, ideal for you and a guest; the remaining 5 can be used to hook up to your computer, or external devices such as CD players.

Microphone - Blue Spark

Blue Spark

Depending on your location we recommend the Blue Spark or Rode Procaster microphones, both are great choices for spoken word and largely down to personal preference.

Blue Spark is a condenser mic, it’s highly sensitive and provides a great warm sound. Rode Procaster is a dynamic mic, which it only focuses on audio directly in front and thus helps eliminate background noise.

Boom Arm & Shock Mount - Rode PSA1 & Samson SP01

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A swivelling boom arm can be adjusted for height and direction so it’s easy to control, plus makes it easy to get the microphone out of your way when you don’t need it.

Attach it to any table edge and tie the microphone’s cable to the arm itself for a neater setup. The shock mount is an ideal addition as it fixes the mic onto the arm and reduces vibrations for better sounding audio.

Microphone Processor - DBX 286S

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We use the DBX 286S mic processor in our studio at - It has many helpful functions such as a de-esser and can give extra presence or punch to your voice.

A full review on the DBX 286S microphone processor can be found here.

Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 OHM)

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The DT770 are studio ‘reference grade’ headphones used by professional broadcasters in the industry.

They're comfortable to wear for long periods of time and are ideal to muffle most sounds so you can hear audio without disruptions.

Soundcard - 7.1 Surround Soundcard

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The 7.1 surround sound card gives you multiple channels through a single USB connection to allow you to map desktop software or players to different faders.

Essentially the more channels you have then the greater flexibility.

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