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Live Streaming Solution for DJs

Looking for a live streaming solution for DJs to produce awesome mixes? Radio station Melodic Distraction show us how they stream live DJ sets with the help of

James Mulvany

by James Mulvany in Production

Last updated 06.08.2023

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Looking for a live streaming solution for DJs to produce awesome mixes? Radio station Melodic Distraction show us how they stream live DJ sets with the help of

How to Live Stream a DJ Set

Melodic Distraction Case Study

Melodic Distraction started in 2015. The founders met outside a bar and formulated a mad idea to start a party at Liverpool venue Constellations. Booking loads of DJs and spending way too much money on decor, the idea just carried on from there.

Over time things escalated. They were blogging about the local music scene, planning events, and it fell into place that they became a radio station. Now situated in the heart of Liverpool, they have regular and one off special guests broadcasting from their studio that make up their growing monthly shows.

Hardware Setup

Melodic Distraction started off with a pretty basic setup which has gradually grown month by month. Today they primarily use for mixing shows together:

All audio gets pushed out to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface which hooks up to their computer. They also send out live talks along with their DJ sets using the Rode Procaster Microphones. All of the audio gets sent live through Nicecast and out to their radio station with

Post Shows

Besides radio shows being pushed out live on their website and on Facebook, afterwards they edit and upload them to places like Mixcloud for those that missed the shows the first time around. DJ sets are also automatically recorded for scheduled playback within using the record broadcast feature.

Melodic Distraction are helping people visualise radio because it's an online thing. The more they connect with people and build a community then the more excited people can get because they see it happening.

In the future Melodic Distraction are aiming to increase their programming and operate as a 24 hour radio station, which means reaching outwards more with artists both nationally and locally. Shows will also be available with their own iOS and Android app to make things a bit easier for people to tune in.

Catch up with their shows here or get in touch with Melodic Distraction here.

Live Streaming Solution for DJs

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