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Radio Push Notifications: App Alerts for Listeners

New radio apps mean new features! Introducing push notifications: the app alerts for updating listeners about your station's events, directly to their phone.

James Brown

by James Brown in Production

Last updated 04.08.2023

Push Notifications Header

When life is hectic, keeping track of everything is tricky. Thankfully, there are all sorts of useful tools for helping us stay on top of things. One tool is push notifications, the handy little alerts that apps bump out to our home screens. Use push notifications to remind your listeners what's upcoming on your station, direct to their phone.

Push Notifications Explained

A screenshot showing an iOS homescreen, with a push notification on it that reads: The Bangers Hour is up next! Join DJ Spin for the hottest dance tunes from now until Midday!
Push notifications pop up on a listeners device like this.

Push notifications are essentially notifications from the mobile apps that pop up on the user’s home screen.

They’re pretty handy as they don’t need the app to be open to pop up. Meaning no matter what’s going on, listeners won’t miss a beat.

A popular way to use push notifications is to update listeners about important events, like a particular radio show or DJ about to go live.

But really they can be used to communicate any short message to your listener.

Push notifications are made up of a title, a message and an (optional) image.

To set up push notifications, you’ll need the following:

  • The new mobile apps
  • A Firebase account

How To Get Access To Send Push Notifications

Push notifications are a feature of the new apps. Apps are included in the Plus & Premium plans. Or, they can be purchased as a monthly add-on for Lite & Standard Plans.

Get Apps In My Plan

The good news is you don’t need any special knowledge to get your own custom apps! Just give us some information and we’ll get building the apps for you.

Bear in mind it takes around a month for the apps to be built, so get started ASAP if you want them for a particular event.

Set Up Your Firebase Account

Push notifications are created and scheduled in Firebase. So to use push notifications, you need to set up a Firebase account and invite as a user.

Go to Firebase and sign in using the same Google Account you’ve used for Google Play Store Console. Create a project within Firebase and then add as a member with 'Owner' status.

We’ll receive this request on our side, and the support team will accept it within 2 working days.

Create Your Push Notification

Once we’ve accepted the request, you’re good to start creating push notifications. So go to Firebase again and select the Project you created previously.

A screenshot showing where the projects are in the program, Firebase.
Create only one project per radio station and select this to create to push notifications.

Under 'Engagement' select the following:

➡️ 'Messaging'
➡️ Then 'Create your first campaign / Create campaign'
➡️ Then 'Firebase notification messages'
➡️ Then 'Create'
➡️ Then 'New Campaign'
➡️ Then 'New Notification'

From here, create your push notification by completing the following:

Necessary info:

  • Notification Title e.g. The Bangers Hour Is Up Next
  • Notification Text. e.g. Join DJ Spin for 1 hour of the hottest dance tunes now until 8pm.

Optional info:

  • Image: This must be a public image stored online.
  • Notification name: e.g. Bangers Hour Next notification
A screenshot showing the fields to complete to set up a push notification in Firebase.
The window on the right hand side gives a brief preview of how your text will appear on a screen.

Target Your Messaging

Targeting is a good way of seeing which listeners respond best to certain messaging. With push notifications you can choose to send them to the different operating system of devices.

Target either Android or IOS by selecting it from the dropdown. If you want to target the other as well, click the ‘Target Another App’ button.

A screenshot showing the section in Firebase where you can target Android or iOS app s.
Your apps will appear in this dropdown, with either an iOS or Android symbol before it.

Set Up Your Push Notifications to Suit You

Push notifications can either be done on the fly, or scheduled ahead of time. If you want the same notification to be sent frequently, you can even schedule it to recur.

In the scheduling section, choose to send your notification straight away or schedule it for a later time.

A screenshot showing the scheduling section for push notifications in Firebase.
Push Notifications can be set up in line with your radio schedule.

Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to review the push notification before you go live.

Once the notification is scheduled, you can edit it by clicking three dots on the right hand side and selecting edit.

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