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Radio Equipment Bundle for $200?!

A microphone, audio interface, and headphones. The Audient EVO radio equipment bundle has it all for $200, but is it really worth your time and money?

Jamie Ashbrook

by Jamie Ashbrook in Review

Last updated 04.10.2022

Radio equipment bundle audient evo header

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture, but spotted the dreaded phrase...

Some assembly required.

Radio studios from the likes of NPR and BBC Radio might look uniform, but are bespoke in design. Each is custom-built and kitted out. There's no 'one size fits all', so it's up to you to choose the best equipment that matches the tone and purpose of your radio station. Enter the Audient EVO bundle.

Packaged with a mic, audio interface, and headphones, the radio equipment bundle has (mostly) everything you need to get started for around $200.

The Full Package?

Not quite. Although the Audient EVO radio equipment bundle has mostly what you need, there's the case of the missing boom arm/mic stand and pop filter. But as far as bundles go, the EVO package is a good jumping-off point for beginners.

As for what's included, there's...

  • EVO 4 (Audio Interface): 2 inputs, ideal for you and another.
  • EVO SR1 (Microphone): Condenser mic for capturing detail and nuances.
  • EVO SR2000 (Headphones): Studio monitoring for long-lasting performance.
  • EVO Shockmount: Sturdy and absorbent to keep the mic rooted.
  • XLR Cable: Standard 3-point male to female.
The Audient EVO package neatly boxed.
"Box fresh" Audient EVO radio equipment bundle.

All of which are available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

A stand or boom arm is the only essential thing that's missing. The Yellowtec Mika arm is a solid solution, but pricey. In saying that, there are plenty of cheap alternatives that suit the EVO bundle (try on Amazon). A pop filter is also a good buy, stops those nasty popping sounds.

Now on to each piece of equipment and what it does.

EVO 4: Streamlined Audio Interface

The bundle comes with the EVO 4. But there are actually two different audio interfaces, one slightly bigger and more capable than the other. The EVO 4 and EVO 8.

Audient EVO 4 & 8
The magic black box EVO 4 & 8 audio interfaces.

Audient has streamlined your typical audio interface into a sleek, user-friendly box for newcomers.

Instead of being covered in dials and widgets, the EVO 4 has a single, distinctive dial with simply laid-out buttons around the edges. And the dial is your command centre. Adjust the gain and volume, then punch the buttons to select your channel, headphones, and monitor what's happening.

EVO's Smart Gain is your new best friend. Saves oodles of time getting your volume right.

But the most impressive feature is Smart Gain. The features removes the need to mess around trying to get the right level of gain. Just press the green Smart Gain button to begin.

Select the channel you’re using, press the button again, and talk into the mic. After 15-20 seconds, the EVO 4 will dial in the right amount of gain. Impressive and reliable, Smart Gain is your new best friend to streamline your setup time.

SR1: Clear, Condensor Mic

On a role naming their equipment, the SR1 does as well as you'd expect for a bundled microphone.

Speaking from experience, bundled equipment can be hit or miss. Luckily, the SR1 doesn't fall into this trap, but it won't win any awards.

Audient EVO SR1 microphone.
The SR1 condenser microphone pairs well with the EVO 4.

While it isn't exactly the next Shure SM7B or Logitech Blue Sona (both of which are very popular, but different considering they're dynamic mics), the SR1 offers punchy audio that captures every little nuance in your voice.

A good, reliable condenser microphone that (unfortunately) won't win any awards.

And when compared with cheaper condenser mics like the popular Behringer B-1, the SR1 inches slightly above the fold.

The frequency response is quite flat, so you won’t capture much deep bass or lilting highs in your voice. But you won’t sound like you're broadcasting from inside a tin can either. Couple it with your EVO’s smart gain feature and you won’t have to worry about clipping or distortion while streaming.

The major downside is adaptability in features. What you get is a condenser mic with a super-cardioid polar pattern. And that’s about it. Make sure the mic is facing you, talk into it, and you’ve done all you can.

SR2000: Studio Monitoring Headphones

Rounding out the EVO radio equipment bundle is the aptly named SR2000 headphones.

As far as headphones go, the SR2000's do a good job at provide clear and accurate audio. Whether that's presenter voices or music, expect clarity from these over-the-ear headphones.

Audient EVO SR2000 headphones.
SR2000 headphones, suited for monitoring over long periods.

Word of advice, the headphone shells are slightly smaller than the average over-ear designs on the market. So your ears might get uncomfortable after prolonged wear (at least that was the case for a few of at the HQ).

In saying that, the SR2000's did a good job at monitoring shows and even listening to our top radio stations.

Final Thoughts

Just like Power Ranger's Megazord, the sum of the bundle is greater than its parts.

But the real star here is the EVO 4. The simple, but useful audio interface makes managing multiple microphones a dream. Especially with the Smart Gain feature.

Audient EVO bundle.
Audient EVO: the complete radio equipment bundle (sort of).

The only downside is the missing mic stand/boom arm and pop filter. Without them, the Audient EVO radio equipment bundle isn't really a complete package.

So now the real question...

Is the EVO bundle worth $200?

Personally, I think so. Especially if you just want a packaged deal without fishing for all the parts. Which is really helpful for beginners or those not in the know.

Overall, the Audient EVO 4 bundle adds up to be greater than the sum of its parts, making for an excellent starter kit for anyone new to radio, podcasting, video game streaming, and everything else in between. But that's just what we think. Let us know your thoughts on your favourite social media platform.

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