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In the market for a really good microphone? Countdown the top 5 best microphones for recording vocals and music for either your radio show or podcast.

  1. Neumann TLM 103: Buy on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
  2. Electro-Voice RE320: Buy on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
  3. Warm Audio WA87: Buy on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
  4. Behringer B1: Buy on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
  5. Blue Spark: Buy on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
Blue Spark microphone.
Blue Spark microphone.

5. Blue Spark

What makes the Blue Spark stand out is its large diaphragm which makes it good for vocals, so it can pick up the full dynamic range of your voice. From high to low sounds, it captures everything whilst avoiding audio peaking.

One of the best things about this mic is that it comes with a pop shield and shock mount so you are ready to go right out of the box (plus, it looks pretty cool!).

Behringer B1 microphone.
Behringer B1 microphone.

4. Behringer B1

The Behringer B1 is a budget studio condenser that is surprisingly good value. The best thing about the B1 is it adapts to its environment with set frequency and sensitivity responses. The B1 works best as a starter microphone. It gives you crisp-sounding audio that’s hard to beat.

Personally, we love the B1. It’s a good low-cost microphone if you are just starting out as it’s excellent for vocal recordings like podcasts or live radio broadcasts.

Warm Audio WA87 microphone.
Warm Audio WA87 microphone.

3. Warm Audio WA87

The WA87 is a reproduction of the classic Neumann U87 microphone but at ¼ the cost. It’s commonly used in recording studios for voice-overs, music, and live radio due to its range.

It has a really solid build quality, so it can be knocked around without a scratch. Now in terms of audio quality, it’s really fantastic because you get an idea of what it sounds like without going through a mixer or in post-production.

Electro-Voice RE320 microphone.
Electro-Voice RE320 microphone.

2. Electro-Voice RE320

The Electro-Voice RE320 is exceptionally versatile. It’s an industry standard microphone used by most commercial radio stations in the USA. It’s perfect for broadcasters who want to lower background noise without losing detail. Sound amazing when broadcasting live or pre-recording shows without having to process audio.

Overall, it's light and easy to use, reducing background noises and offering bright high-end and punchy low-end audio whilst maintaining natural tones.

Neumann TLM 103 microphone.
Neumann TLM 103 microphone.

1. Neumann TLM 103

The Neumann TLM 103 is one of the best and most well-rounded studio condenser microphones available. For example, Jack White from The White Stripes uses this for his guitar rig when he’s playing at a concert, so it’s an ideal mic for live music and spoken sessions in your studio.

The TLM 103 gives home users access to the kind of quality previously reserved for commercial radio studios. It’s a great sounding microphone that delivers high-end professional quality audio.

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