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Do you want to know how to be a great radio presenter? Are you struggling to find your voice? Do you want to be the type of presenter who has a loyal audience who love tuning into their broadcasts? Whilst passion and creativity are very important, often all you need is a simple methodology you can follow to keep your audience engaged.

5. Know Your Listeners, Live Their Life

In order to truly get into the mind of your listeners and develop the strongest possible bond with them, you need to live their lives.

Check out TV shows they talk about and the latest music they are listen to. Ultimately the more tuned in you are to the things your listeners are watching, reading and listening to the more likely they are to tune into you.

4. Be Social Media Savvy

Social media is a quick and easy way to build your audience. Platforms like Twitter & Facebook are perfect outlets to give your audience a window into the things you're doing and vice versa.

Track keywords or follow popular trends to know what your listeners are talking about so you can join in on the conversation to build up a presence.

3. Always Pre-read Scripts

Improvising is an essential part of your radio presenting skills, but it's important to re-read your scripts or follow a structure to avoid potentially embarrassing moments.

Live radio can be unpredictable to say the least, so structuring out and pre-reading your scripts ensures you always sound professional, no matter what happens.

2. Talk to One Person, Not the Whole Audience

In radio it's important to frame what you're saying as though you're talking directly to one person.

It makes listening more personal and friendly, plus it helps strengthen the bond between you and your listener.

1. Have Something to Say

It’s probably safe to say that this last one is pretty self explanatory.

When tuning into the radio you want to be entertained and hear something you have a passion for, so do this for your listeners as it's a sure-fire way to engage and grow your audience.

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