Apps Terms & Privacy | Apps Terms & Privacy

These terms relate to the use of the App builder and Mobile apps released in Summer 2022. These terms supplement's general terms and conditions

1.0 General

1.1 Add-ons

Apps are not available during any trial periods as these are additional services. You can create your Mobile App during the trial period however it will not be submitted to development until your first payment is received and you have accepted the terms of the add-on via your dashboard.

Add-ons are billed immediately after the trial period (unless included in your Plus/Premium plan) or immediately after adding it to your account regardless of the Add-on's status.

Payments for Add-ons that have not been utilised are non refundable.

If an Add-on is cancelled, it will remain available in its current state until the end of the current billing period. It is the clients responsibility to remove the Apps from any stores where it has been published. If payment fails or an App is cancelled, we reserve the right to promote within the App interface.

1.2 Developer Accounts

An Apple Developer and Google Play developer account are required to use this service. Membership to such accounts will incur a fee payable directly to Apple/Google. At time of writing these are:

  • Apple Developer Program - US$99/yr
  • Google Play Developer Account - US$25 one-time

Charges may vary per region and are subject to change.

We recommend signing up to a business/company/team Apple developer account if possible to facilitate creation of your app. A D-U-N-S number is required to sign up to a team account and is reserved for registered businesses only.

Any user signing up to an Apple/Google Play developer account also accepts the terms of these third party services. For all intents and purposes, and unless otherwise stated in writing by, all applications developed by us are considered third party applications.

1.3 Device Support

The 2022 mobile apps have been developed using modern frameworks, thus require devices running either iOS/iPadOS 14, or Android 10 or later.

The apps have been tested internally on popular devices released from 2019 onwards. cannot guarantee optimised performance on devices released before this date.

Apps can launch on Apple Silicon powered Mac computers however they are not optimised for such use.

1.4 Localisation

Unless otherwise stated, apps are provided in English (US).

1.5 App License

By purchasing a license to use Apps you do not own access to the code. It is prohibited to attempt any reverse engineering of our app source code.

1.6 Radio Licensing

Live or on-demand content needs to be covered by the appropriate licensing body before submission. is in no way responsible for apps after they go live within the app stores. If unsure what license you need or what you can/cannot do, please contact your local government for more information.

2.0 Developing your new app as an update

This clause relates to the initial release of your 2022 mobile app only.

2.1 iOS/iPad OS

If you have an existing app developed by (pre 2022) or a third party, in most cases we can prepare the 2022 variant as an upgrade. If your existing app has any special entitlements such as CarPlay we are unable to preserve such entitlements.

2.2 Google Play (Android)

We are unable to update existing Apps on Google Play if they were developed by a third party due to key signing issues. If you have an existing Android App this can be upgraded in most cases. If there are any issues the team will contact you during the review process.

3.0 App Review Processes

3.1 Internal Review

All apps are subject to an internal review process. This allows us to ensure your App will not violate Apple and Google's policies which could slow down development.
App Store copy (such as descriptions) may be altered by the review team without notice to remove prohibited words or phrases. Images or content which are deemed explicit or breach copyright will be rejected.

Automatic rejections will take place if your store listing includes profanity or explicit images.

By submitting your app for review you accept these terms and confirm you have all necessary licensing documentation for your station.

Internal Review periods can vary. Expect this process to take up to 10 business days from submission.

3.2 Apple / Google Play Review

Please allow up to 7 days for Apple/Google Play to process your app review. In the event your app is rejected we will look into ways we can resolve any issues and resubmit your app.

We ask you keep your station online 24/7 while your app is in review. This will reduce risks of rejection.

The review board's decision is final. If your app is rejected for reasons out of our control we will not be able to proceed with your app build.

During the review process we will disable your app's track artwork. This is to prevent incorrect rejections due to copyright. Once your app is live in the stores we will manually enable artwork. This may take up to 72 hours.

Once any App has been developed, is not responsible for any delays caused by the publishing or review process and is not liable to compensate for any such delays. Mobile Apps are chargeable regardless of their status on any third party app marketplace.

4.0 App Etiquette

Once your apps are live in the stores you must adhere to the Apple Developer and Google Play terms of service. These may be updated periodically:

  • Apple Developer Program Terms
  • Google Play Developer Terms

If your app is removed from stores for violating any of the terms stated above or below, will not be held responsible.

4.1 Common Violations

The following are common violations which may result in removal from the stores.

  • Selling items via in app links
  • Requesting donations
  • Phishing attempts
  • Extreme content where it's not discussed for education purposes
  • Blatant misinformation
  • Unauthorised use of third party logos or branding

5.0 Changes and updates

Once your app is live you can make changes to a limited selection of features (Vanity Changes). Other changes are subject to an administration fee of $40.

5.1 Vanity Changes

  • Accent Colour
  • Message options
  • Social Media link options
  • Podcast/On Demand URL
  • Web Feed URL
  • Enable/disable requests and schedule
  • in-app logo (not app icon)

Updates made to any of the above will take effect within 5 minutes of publishing your changes. Users will need to quit and relaunch the app to receive the changes.

Making changes to any of the above will not update your store listing screenshots.

5.2 Other Changes

If you need to change your app icon, store screenshots or listing text we will need to re-build your app. This is subject to a fee of $40, payable via your default payment method.

5.3 Hotfixes

From time to time we may update the app code to increase performance with new OS releases. If your app is eligible for upgrade we will reach out to you. Hotfix updates do not include updated screenshots or app icons. If you require these you will be subject to the admin fee above.


This clause is in addition to's standard Privacy Policy. respects your privacy. We do not collect any personally identifiable data from any app users.

Both Apple Developer and Google Play may collect anonymous usage data from the apps on an 'Opted in' basis explained in their respective OS terms of service. collects a unique identifier from a device in order to deliver user push notifications from station owners. Users can unsubscribe from push notifications on their device at any time.

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