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Meet Foundation FM: All Female Radio Station

Led by a diverse team of women, all female radio station Foundation FM offer an inclusive platform for creativity and spicy new music in the heart of London.

Aaron Corkin

by Aaron Corkin in Review

Last updated 03.02.2021

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London isn't short of amazing talent. From Boogaloo Radio to JLDN, there are countless stations doing new and creative things online. Based in Peckham, Foundation FM are an all female radio station showcasing emerging underground artists. Led by a diverse team of women, they offer an inclusive platform for creativity and spicy new music.

Foundation FM: All Female Radio Station

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Who Are Foundation FM?

Led by Becky Richardson (UKOK Management), Ami Bennett (Somethin’ Else, R1, and BBC), and Frankie Wells (Capital Xtra and 1xtra), Foundation FM is an all female radio station based in the heart of Peckham, London.

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Launched back in 2018, the station has quickly become the UK capital for underground music, art, and thought. But their main goal is to promote artist development, career mentoring, and to create a space for a diverse group of women and the LGBTQ* community.

The shows themselves throw traditional radio rules out the window, so no more breakfast or drivetime slots. Appealing to a younger audience, Foundation FM have tailored shows to shake-up the norm with boundary-pushing content. Heading up their shows are industry collective Bia, podcasters The Receipts, filmmakers Sistren, and DJ duo Banjee Boys (just to name a few).

How Helps

The all female radio station broadcasts solely online, with on-demand catchup shows through Mixcloud. Choosing, founding member Frankie explains:

"When we first started out, a big question was 'How are we gonna broadcast?'. We had some many different conversations, but the one that made sense to us was"

For an internet radio station, Foundation FM are always out and about. Using was key. Accessible on desktop or phone, everyone involved in the station has peace of mind for any last-minute changes or real emergencies.

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Be More Like Foundation FM

Spark your innovation from the all female radio station. Whether you have a rough idea or know exactly what your goals are, turn it into your own adventure and inspire others, just like Foundation FM.

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