How To Write A Radio Script For Your Shows

Sometimes it is better to plan out your radio show with a script, has a few tips as to how to best write a radio script for your station.

Jamie Ashbrook
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Whatever the type of radio that you make, it often makes sense to plan it out in advance to make sure you produce and present the best content possible. In some cases, in order to plan your show out well, it may be better to write a radio script. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you write a good radio script for your radio shows and stations.

What Kind of Radio Script Should I be Using?

Like all forms of media, there are many areas and types of radio. As a result, there is no one set format for a radio script. This will ultimately depend on what you need your script for, whether it’s a talk radio show or a link to a music show. When thinking about how to write a radio script, regardless of format, there are a few rules you should think about.

Write Your Script Like it’s Going to be Spoken Aloud, Not as if You're Reading it

A mistake that is often made when writing scripts for all mediums are not writing the prose for it to be spoken. A script should sound natural when reading aloud. It is often a mistake to write too formally, as it results in a stiff-sounding read through. Always write with the thought of speaking naturally and with a good flow in mind.

Keep it Succinct

When you write a radio script, try to keep it as tight as possible. Don’t add unnecessarily flowery words or sentences that do not add to what you are trying to say. Make sure your grammar is By being as concise and succinct as possible, it will allow you or your presenter improvise and expand on what is written in the script. Radio is at its best when it doesn’t sound rigid, whether fully scripted or not.

Set the Scene

Whether you are breaking a news story or telling a joke on your comedy and music show, you have to remember that your listeners don’t have the visual aid of a television or online video. This doesn’t mean that you have described every setting you are talking about or every single detail, you just need to be aware that the listener may need helping hand to know what you are talking about.

1. Talk Radio Script

Because the focus of this type of radio is the topics that are talked about and the words that you speak, it can be beneficial to script out what you want to say. Although there is no industry standard script style, we’ve put together a brief example with notes that may help you with yours. Note how even though there are larger passages of text, they are succinct and easy to read.

2. Music Radio Script

A music radio script may have less fully scripted passages and more notes and bullet points to guide the presenter through. This is often because music radio is meant to feel more improvised than say a news or talk radio show. Again, there is no set script for music radio, but we’ve put together a possible example that could help your shows. Note how there are passages of texts for features called read-throughs, which are often used for promotional trails, but the rest of the links are note based to allow for more informal and flowing conversation.

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