Internet Radio for Churches

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Benefits of internet radio for your church.

  • Spread Your Message

    Amplify your prayers, gospel, and sermons to over 3 billion people online and engage with an ever growing community of followers.

  • Build a Community

    Strengthen your relationship with followers to bring them together and and keep them connected with a mixture of round the clock live and automated shows.

  • Empower Followers

    Simplify how your followers stay connected by offering mobile apps, desktop players on your website, and access on radio directories to give them ease of use.

  • Fuel Your Mission

    Make giving easy and support your church by encouraging followers to donate and volunteer to help others in need.

Should I Start a Religious Radio Station?

Preachers, reverends, and religious bodies are beginning to understand the benefits of internet radio for churches and ministries to help spread their message further and build a larger community.

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Global Reach

Did you know that there are over 3 billion active users on the internet? The number of people who have access online is only increasing year on year, so it’s important to extend your reach as soon as you can.

Grow your churches or ministries community by tapping into a huge global audience of potentially billions of followers by sharing your station online through social channels like Facebook, on yours or others websites, and on radio directories like TuneIn and Streema.

An accessible channel like online radio can help those without the means to attend sermons or events at your church to tune in and be included as part of the community.

Community Building & Growth

Grow your family with community driven radio and influence the lives of many to bring your faith to life.

Reach followers that may not be able to tune in for live events by scheduling recorded shows to broadcast at different times in the day or week around the clock, this way you can include everyone so they feel closer to your community and don’t miss a thing.

Showcase Your Church or Ministry

Bring out the best in what your faith can offer by showcasing everything on your radio station.

Include sermons or speeches, events your church or ministry are organising, and how followers can get involved or donate to help improve their favourite programme.

Contributions & Giving

Help those that are in need and raise awareness of ways your followers can get involved and become active in their local community to make contributions to those less fortunate.

Be the voice to point people online or to places in their area where they can help by scheduling messaging in your station - Repeat your messages at various times in the day to keep everyone informed of ways they can do their part.

Case Study: St James & Emmanuel Church

Discover how St James & Emmanuel Church use online radio in congregations to spread their message, raise support for others in need, and grow their community.

10 Reasons to Broadcast with offers you an easy and all-in-one solution that’s ready from the start - Here are the 10 top reasons to broadcast on to help get your church or ministry up broadcasting online and out to your community.

10. All-In-One Package

Everything you need is available from the start - Setup your radio station in minutes, build your own custom iPhone and Android apps, and create your own unique website as a destination for listeners to stay connected.

9. Quick & Easy Setup was designed and developed to give you the easiest experience possible. Set up your religious radio station instantly by uploading tracks, building playlists, and scheduling shows ready to broadcast in your followers anywhere online in the world.

8. Live & Automated Broadcasts

Choose to broadcast your messaging, sermons, or gospel music live or automatically by scheduling your content throughout the week with the option to take over your stream for live shows.

7. Events, Promotions, & Fundraisers

Use your radio station as a channel to promote your upcoming events like gatherings to help raise awareness of issues, promote local businesses, and raise money with fundraisers for your community or charities.

6. Dedicated Support

Your faith and messaging never stops, that’s why our support team understands just how important it is to broadcast non-stop throughout the week.

Your radio station is hosted and delivered using’s custom built technology which is monitored and maintained to guarantee uptime, but customer support is always on hand and just an email or phone call away to help.

5. Engage & Share Your Message

Over 3 billion people are online and growing every day - Reach an overwhelmingly enormous global audience to share and influence followers by teaching your message.

4. Showcase Your Church or Ministry

Highlight the best parts of what makes your faith shine to attract new followers and ultimately grow your community.

3. Community Driven

Build a community driven radio station to diversify and appeal to a wider audience by involving your followers to chat live on-air as guests or let them take over as DJs to broadcast on a day and time that suits you.

2. Custom iPhone & Android Apps

Create your own unique radio station mobile apps for the two most popular devices: iPhone and Android - Listeners can download and tune into your app anywhere from either their smartphone or tablet device.

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10 Tips to Market Your Church Radio Station

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