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Drag and drop to securely upload your entire song library in one go.

Tools to grow your audience

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Customise Social Engage

Build and design a custom web player with your logo and station colours without a single line of code.

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Live broadcasting to suit you

Start the show quickly and easily by either connecting from SHOUTcast or Icecast compatible programs, or by using our own software for MacOS and Windows.
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Understand your audience better

With real time and historical statistics you can keep track of who listens to your station, when they listen, where they listen from and on what device.

Advanced features

Stream quality

Choose whether to output to MP3 or AAC, and what quality you want to broadcast at.


Default crossfade

A set crossfade time to fall back on for all of the tracks you play.


Volume normalisation

Apply automatic gain control for consistent, rich sound across your entire stream.


Mobile optimised

Respect listeners’ data limits by automatically reducing stream sizes on mobile devices.

Helping you along the way


Tutorials University provides video guides and written tutorials for broadcasters of all experience levels.



A free and full demonstration of everything has to offer before your free trial starts.



Our expert team respond fast to any questions you have about, or broadcasting in general.

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