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Benefits of in-store radio for your business.

Increase Sales

Talk to your customers anywhere in-store to upsell new products, talk about upcoming flash sales, deals, or promotions whilst they’re shopping.

Customer Satisfaction

Help shoppers make purchasing decisions and drive sales with subtle background music to improve your customers’ moods and shopping habits.

Personal Shopping

Inspire your customers by taking them on a journey with personalised playlists, custom shows, and branded music to get them in the shopping mood.

Promote Your Business

Build brand awareness and engage with customers through your in-store radio promotions, adverts, announcements, and jingles aimed at your shoppers.

Should I Start an In-Store Retail Radio Station?

Studies show that playing different types of background music can influence shopping behaviour - Choosing your in-store audio can help change customer moods and increase sales, which are just a few of the benefits from running internet radio for retail stores.

Audio is an extremely powerful tool that can help your store’s brand and improve customer engagement the moment shoppers walk in your store. Get to know what you can accomplish with your own in-store internet radio station.

How to Create a Retail Radio Station

In-Store radio can be used to promote your chain of shops, hotels, restaurants or bars.

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Increase Revenue & Sales

Spending behaviour is linked to customer moods, which surprisingly can be influenced with the right type of background music.

Playing slow lingering sounds can encourage customers to take their time shopping and buy more in-store, subconsciously slowing down to browse and spend an increased amount of time in your store.

There are two main ways that your station can help generate more revenue and increase sales:

  • Influence Shopping Behaviour: Dedicated online in-store radio allows you to subtly influence your customer's buying habits by promoting in-store deals through catchy jingles and the right tone of music.
  • Advertisement Investment: Local or global businesses want to get noticed, especially to an audience that has money to spend, so they will pay top price to advertise their goods and services on your station.

Store Brand Awareness

Customers buy products from familiar places that they know and trust, so building a strong brand through the power of radio can be a great way to put your store at the forefront of shopper’s minds.

Take your in-store radio online and give people access anywhere like at home, through social media like Facebook, your website, or in the palm of their hands on their phones - This way you can really spread your brand into the minds of your audience, so the next time they need a specific products your brand will be the first thing they think of.

Create a consistent and instantly recognisable audio experience the moment customers step in-store through the power of brand awareness. The sense of comfort this can give people can turn them into loyal customers, a quality in-store radio helps improve as the experience a customer has and in-turn improves the chances of them revisiting your store.

Case Study: Smoke Barbecue

Discover how Smoke Barbecue use in-store internet radio for their business to create an authentic sense of atmosphere, curate their own playlists, and present a strong brand image.

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10 Reasons to Broadcast with provides you with an all-in-one service that’s ready from the get go, so there’s no need to download head scratching software. Here are the 10 best reasons to broadcast with to see how it can help your store.

10. All-In-One Solution

The all-in-one solution gives you everything you need from the get go, that way you can get up and running in no time without the headache of complex software.

9. Multiple Stations, One Account

Running multiple businesses and need more than one station? Control all your streams across your retail stores from one account with your own easy to use control panel.

8. Dedicated Account Manager

Have your own dedicated radio account manager who can offer content production, playlist curation, and setup advice via phone, Skype, or email.

7. 24/7 Automation

Schedule your in-store radio playlists in advance throughout the week or month so you don’t have to worry about constantly managing your station, just set it and forget it.

6. White Label Services

Brand your station to your business with’s white label services - Everything from players to mobile apps were designed to draw attention to your business's brand.

5. Custom Mobile Apps

Have your own custom developed iPhone and Android apps so you can reach customers even when they’re not in-store.

4. Fully Branded Radio Players

Create your own unique and fully branded radio players for your station that can be embed anywhere online like your business website, promotional or pop-up sites, and practically anywhere else.

3. Manage Your Music Anywhere

Login to your account from anywhere in the world and manage your station - All you need is a laptop/computer and an internet connection to access your in-store radio control panel.

2. Social Media Integration

Integrate your station with social media platforms like Twitter to keep your customers in the know about your tracks, promotions, and events, all of which are sent automatically so there’s no maintenance required.

1. Influence Shopping Behaviour

Subtly get your business's messaging across through your station’s stream - Play slow music to give shoppers more time to browse and broadcast promotions, events, and sales to push shoppers in the right direction.

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