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Benefits of Internet Radio for Sports

Radio for Sports Promote

Promote Your Club

Start local, go global with worldwide reach you’ve never known before. With a radio station, you can reach fans in new and exciting ways.

Radio for Sports Live Commentary

Cover Events Live

Keep your fans in the loop. Broadcast matches and events live so your listeners don’t miss out.

Radio for Sports Speak to Fans

Speak to Fans

Empower your followers with events, competitions, and call-ins.

Radio for Sports Attract Sponsors

Attract Sponsors and Advertisers

Radio gives you a larger platform to reach consumers. Expand your audience and attract advertisers, increase the value of advert time on your station.

Should I Start a Sports Radio Station?

In the digital age, reaching your fans is simpler than ever. Use radio to expand your fanbase and connect with people 24/7, rather than just at events. Before your club may have just been local but now you can reach beyond your community and capture the hearts of sports fans across the world.

Clubs like FCUM already use sports radio to grow their community and support themselves through donations and advertisers.

Promote Your Athletes

Radio for Sports Promote Athletes

Your stars deserve coverage that boosts their profile. The more valued someone feels within an organisation, the more they’re willing to put into it. And let’s not forget that raising the profile of your players brings more attention to your club too.

Radio can be the tool you use to get your players out there. Interviews, commentary and promos keep your listeners up to date with the latest recruitments and give your stars a chance to speak to fans on a personal level.

Cover Live Sporting Events

Radio for Sports Live Sports Events

Whether it’s football, rugby, basketball, baseball or anything else you can think of, your station can be there live. Broadcast live commentary from the field or have presenters give a blow-by-blow of the action. Bring fans in who may not always be able to make it to matches, so they don’t miss out on the fun.

With you can easily set up remote radio broadcasts from wherever you’re playing. Just bring an interface, microphone(s) and laptop along with you, connect to the WiFi or preferably a wired internet connection and you’re ready to go live.

WARF Radio keeps their listeners up to date on the latest matches in Women’s Australian rules football with live coverage and a schedule of matches handily listed on their website.

10 Reasons to Broadcast With

Radio Solutions 10 Reasons to Use

10. Easy & Intuitive Interface

Anyone can pick up, even someone without radio experience before. Our systems are built to be used by novices to experts. Struggling? There’s a wealth of videos and guides to help you succeed.

9. Excellent Support

Based in the UK and the USA, our support and customer success teams are available to help with anything. Our Gold Plan comes with telephone support and if you go a bit further with the Pro Plan you will be assigned a named Account Manager.

8. Comprehensive Automation

Running a station that broadcasts 24/7 doesn’t have to be the chore it used to be. Automate your playlists, schedule broadcasts in advance, pre-record shows and much more. Create a station that basically runs itself.

7. Apps

Build iOS and Android apps that let your listeners take you with them wherever they go. Customise them to fit your club’s branding.

6. Station Manager

You can trust a single, reliable person to manage your station, allowing them to control the schedule and organise DJ slots, so when you’re not available things won’t fall apart.

5. Worldwide Reach

With servers positioned across the world, gives you the ability to stream to any country across the globe.

4. Access a New Audience

Radio gives you an avenue to find new fans outside of sports events. Draw in people who never would have heard of your club otherwise.

3. Create Exciting New Content

The fun doesn’t need to stay on the field, now you can create exciting interviews, features and even documentaries that can be broadcast for all your fans to hear. Explore the history of your club and present its future.

2. Advertise

Plug your merch, sponsors and events. Radio makes you more valuable to advertisers who want to reach as many people as possible.

1. Craft a Brand

Your club is already important to your fans, but you have the opportunity to forge a brand that can inspire loyalty. Radio can be the first step in transforming your club into an institution.

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