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Place your content behind a paypal and ask for a recurring monthly subscription to ensure a steady income, but you need to offer value in order to get a commitment, such as -

  1. High value information
  2. VIP status (make your subscribers feel special)
  3. Opportunities to connect with other subscribers
  4. Insider access with leading experts


relax for radio

Sell physical or digital goods branded to your station, shows, or music you play.

  1. T-shirts & hoodies
  2. Stickers & posters
  3. Bags & coffee mugs
  4. Smartphone & laptop covers or skins
  5. eBooks & courses relating to your shows


relax for radio

Monetize your station without having to do a lot of hard work by setting up an affiliate program. Refer potential customer to shops online that sell good, once they've clicked through and purchased you'll get a cut of the profits.

Use affiliate links to tracks you play or recommend, either via The App Store or on Amazon. You can even sell physical goods.

In-Stream Advertising

relax for radio

There's radio stations for every genre, sub-genre, or category, so capitalise on this by working with advertisers to offer targeted in-streams ads.

Advertisers will pay big money to talk to your listeners as this method is one of the most popular avenues as it's an easy win.

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