Top 10 Reasons to Broadcast with

What makes special? We've highlighted the best reasons that make our broadcasting services the leading provider in the radio industry.

10. Internet Radio Made Easy

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible experience for you to get up and running with your own internet radio station.

Every aspect of has been fine tuned by our dedicated team of professional radio experts, so say goodbye to configuring hard to use desktop software as you manage everything in the cloud from anywhere with ease.

9. Constantly Updating


Technology moves fast, but we’re always ahead of the curve researching and developing new products and services.

Our in-house team roll out new features every month and improve existing tools to fit our communities’ needs exactly.

8. Dedicated Support services never stop, so we don’t either! Our support team is made up of professionals that understand how important it is to broadcast smoothly around the clock.

Every single server is monitored and maintained to guarantee uptime, but customer support is always on standby and just a message away to help.

7. Leading Provider in Internet Radio Technology

Time and energy are pooled into researching and developing new broadcasting services, this ensures that you are at the forefront of the radio industry and have the best tools at your fingertips. Just take a look at what the experts are saying about



Your station will automatically be a pioneer in the radio community and have the advantage you need to make sure you’re using the best that is available.

6. Station Collaboration

Gone are the days of running an online radio station by yourself, now you can invite your entire team to manage day to day operations.

Set levels of access so station managers can fully control every aspect of the station, music controllers to set shows, and DJs to broadcast live on-air.

5. Radio Passion


All of our team members come from different multimedia and technical backgrounds, but everyone has a real passion for radio, so you can trust us to deliver when it comes to understanding you and your needs.

On a regular basis we attend radio events, speak with professionals in the industry, and are apart of the radio community, all of which gives us insight into building the best broadcasting tools out there to empower DJs and radio owners across the globe.

4. We Listen

We’re always interested to hear what you have to say - We listen to customers about new feature ideas and what can be improved to build tools that you need.

3. Premium Network of Servers

Every server is fine tuned to ensure that what we offer is what we deliver. You will always be able to max out your station at any time and be guaranteed uptime.

Servers are dispersed around the world, from the USA, Canada, and UK, this ensures that listeners quickly connect to stations no matter where they are.

2. Creative & Technical

Every aspect of has been expertly crafted by creative minds to bring you the best broadcasting tools in the industry.

We research new ways to bring you one step closer to your listeners and break down barriers to give you access to the latest technology in our finished products.

1. We Are


We are real people with a real passion for radio, helping broadcasters from all walks of life get on air in a matter of minutes.

Don’t take our word for it - check out our feedback or talk to anyone in the radio industry, they all have overwhelmingly positive things to say about