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10 Unusual Radio Stations (Hosted by Radio.co)

Convention no longer rules radio stations. With internet radio, the only limit is your imagination. If you're after some inspiration, here's 10 unusual radio stations hosted on Radio.co.

Lucy Rowe

by Lucy Rowe in Culture

Last updated 07.11.2022

10 unusual radio stations header

Internet radio stations across the board are throwing out the rule book and doing things their own way. In turn, they've injected some creativity and excitement into the broadcasting landscape. So, if you're after some station inspiration, here's 10 radio stations that do things a little differently.

10. Bestcoast.fm

Traditional terrestrial radio was limited to the reach of the transmitters. But the internet made broadcasting globally a piece of cake. While many online radio stations still keep themselves locally focused, Bestcoast.fm shows off music from across the globe, to listeners across the globe.

We believe that music should be enjoyed universally, regardless of boundaries such as language, style or origin.

9. Radio Hereford FC

Having a radio station dedicated to a football team isn't commonplace when big broadcasters often have the rights to major games. But Radio Hereford FC goes against the grain and ensures Hereford FC gets the airtime it deserves.

8. YOTO Radio

YOTO have created interactive play devices (ie. the YOTO player & the YOTO mini) for kids to explore the world of audio safely. They don't have microphones, screens, or adverts but do have their own radio stations: YOTO Radio and YOTO Sleep Radio.

A purple YOTO mini and a blue YOTO placed on a table.
YOTO minis.

The former plays a mix of age-appropriated pop songs, as well as Disney classics. The latter plays sleep sounds to help young 'uns drift off. There isn't a huge amount of radio stations dedicated solely for kids, so the twin stations are quite special.

7. Cybercrime Radio

Rather than have a general talk, news, or music station, Cyber Crime Radio hones in on everything and anything relating to this common threat.

Listeners can stay ahead of scammers with Cyber Crime Radio as it features news and interviews with:

  • Chief information security officers
  • Cyber risk leaders
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Ex-criminals
  • Victims

    6. Mood For Food Radio

    Martine Paterson created Mood For Food Radio as a one-stop-shop for all the podcasts and music she wanted to listen to. Finding herself unable to keep track of all the various podcast recommendations, she decide to curate them all in one space. Her vision was a smorgasbord of...

    ...wellness awareness, wisdom, whacky facts, wicked comedy and winsome music.

    As a result, Mood For Food promises not to be a traditional radio station but an online platform showcasing inspirational podcasts & interviews and music to "feed your mood". And even the legendary Kim Wilde has a show on there.

    5. Birdsong.fm

    If you ever want to hear dawn chorus but perhaps not actually dawn, or need some natural background noise give Birdsong.fm a spin. It's our very own station that plays, yep you guessed it, birdsong only. And it may even boost your mood too.

    4. Inside The Wire - Colorado Prison Radio

    While prison radio isn't necessarily a new thing, Colorado Prison Radio is the first statewide prison radio station in U.S history. That makes it pretty unique. Colorado Prison Radio connects all incarcerated in the state, and broadcasts to the outside too.

    3. Radio Is A Foreign Country

    Plenty of radio stations play the top 40. Nowhere near as many place the music from far out corners of the world. That’s what Radio is A Foreign Country does. Expect the likes of night recordings from the forests of old Borneo or synth cassettes from the Maghreb.

    Their collections feature cut-ups of international radio broadcasts, field recordings, ethnographic film, vintage records & cassettes, and digital ephemera from the far reaches of the internet.

    2. Relax My Dog

    Sure humans invented radio, but why should your listeners be limited to people? Relax My Dog is a radio station for pets! The premise is to play music to calm your furry friend. And they’ve got the research to back it up.

    1. DORK Radio

    Many brands create their own soundtrack with a Spotify playlist. But DORK magazine has its own radio station to show off the music it rates and the sound of its brand. DORK is a music magazine covering the best new music with written reviews, interviews and music videos. And it's in-house radio station marks it different to other music brands.

    To Wrap Up...

    That's just a taster of some of the different radio stations we have the pleasure of hosting at Radio.co. What radio stations do you think are creative or unusual in how they operate? Let us know over on your favourite social media platform.

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