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New Radio Apps for iOS and Android

Out with the old and in with the new radio apps. For iOS and Android, access campaigns, push notifications, and more useful tools.

James Mulvany

by James Mulvany in News

Last updated 24.04.2024

New radio apps header

Radio apps are a great way to stay connected with listeners in just a few taps. But they need to be fit for purpose. That’s why we’ve launched new radio apps for iOS and Android.

The idea is to give you better flexibility and control. Not to mention, a bunch of cool new features like taking track requests, showing off your schedule, and push notifications so you can keep listeners updated.

New Radio Apps Breakdown

Since launching our old radio apps, we’ve had requests for new features.

4 smartphones against a white background, demonstrating the new apps.
Apps what I'm talking about.

So we’ve picked out the best ones and added some of our own ideas for more well-rounded apps. The result is modern custom iOS and Android apps that are out of the box ready for broadcasters, including loads of new bells and whistles.

  • Schedule: Show what’s up next for the day or week.
  • Podcast Feed: Catchup with shows on-demand.
  • Messenger: Chat with listeners outbound using Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • Track Requests: Play popular songs from your audience.
  • Newsfeed: Keep listeners returning with regular updates.
  • Campaigns: Update app home screen with images and outbound links.
  • Push Notifications: Send alerts to grab your listener's attention.
  • Light/Dark Modes: Go easy on the eyes with different modes.
  • Text Themes: Match the tone of your station by choosing fonts.

And a few quality-of-life features to make the radio apps unique to your station.

Need Apps, Mobile for Your Pleasure

Once live, your apps will be available to anyone on an iOS or Android device.

3 smartphones, with different app designs on their screens
Available for iOS and Android.

But to get a handle on what you'll need before getting started, check out the app help guides. Alternatively, reach out to the team at

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