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5 Best Reasons to Broadcast Hotel Radio

Top 5 best reasons to broadcast hotel radio, how it can enhance your guests' experience, and create an audio brand that is instantly recognisable.

David Wilkinson

by David Wilkinson in Marketing

Last updated 04.08.2023

Broadcast Hotel Radio

Having a dedicated hotel radio station might seem a bit perplexing to some: Why would a hotel need a radio station? What would I get out of it? However, it can be used for many interesting and beneficial ways that can really make your hotel stand out from the competition and enhance your guest's experience. Get to know the real positives of having an in-hotel radio station and at the end discover the top 5 best reasons to broadcast hotel radio.

Why Broadcast Hotel Radio?

You wouldn't notice it, but most big hotels have their own branded audio playing in the background, whether that's in the lobby, bar, or even in an elevator, they create a custom experience for their guests.

Hotel Bar

Tuning into a radio station in a hotel just doesn't cut it anymore; guests need the red carpet rolled out for them. The look and sound of the hotel is the first thing guests will notice, and like the old saying goes "first impressions matter!".

Create a Consistent Atmosphere

You often here "atmosphere" used a lot in movies as a way to set the tone, but it isn't necessarily exclusive to the big screen.

With a hotel radio station you can achieve the same goal by influencing guests' mood depending on which section of the hotel they’re in. You can even use it as a way to up sell promotions, deals, and adverts that are relevant for your hotel - Golf course hotel? Promote golfing gear and services.

When a guest enters a hotel it is not just what they see that helps them form a first impression, but it is also what they hear.

Mounted Speaker

An in-hotel radio station can be used as a way to manage audio output across your whole hotel chain from one easy-to-use interface. This allows you to create a seamless experience for your guests no matter which hotel they are in.

A great station can give you that stamp of quality and help boost a guest's satisfaction when staying in your hotel.

Build an Audio Brand

You can't escape it, audio branding is everywhere! It's the sound you hear at the end of commercials, the music that plays in supermarkets, it's so ubiquitous that you don't even realise it's there.

With hotel radio you get the chance to create your own audio brand that can be instantly and easily recognisable. Your brand can then be promoted and marketed through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and your hotel website - This helps create a familiarity between your guests and the hotel, deepening that connection with your brand.

Broadcast Hotel Radio

When a guest is staying at your hotel he doesn’t just engage with your brand for a few minutes, they engage with it for the duration of their stay, so you shouldn’t underestimate the power that creating an audio brand can have.

Guests can take this home with them after their stay or they can be introduced to it before they have even entered your hotel lobby.

Live Global Announcements

It’s the grand opening of one of your new hotels and you’ve decided to book a special guest DJ for the opening - Why not broadcast live from the event and let people tune in online?

You can help generate a lot of interest and tap into potentially billions of listeners, plus it’s a way of giving future guests a taster of what staying in your hotel chain would be like.

5 Best Reasons to Broadcast Hotel Radio

5 Reasons Broadcast Hotel Radio

5. Dedicated Account Management

Have access to a dedicated account manager who can personally oversee your account and provide you with playlist curation, content production, dedicated technical support, radio expertise, and complete schedule management for your hotel radio station.

4. Let Your Staff Take Charge

Empower your staff by giving them user permissions and roles to ensure they can provide your guests with the best experience possible.

3. Personalised Experiences

Create personalised experiences for your guests through your broadcasts, like offering special discounts to guests when they first check-in to their room. Your station can be customised to fit with your brand, from customer service messages to customised music curation.

2. Manage Multiple Streams in 1 Place

Manage your audio output across your whole hotel chain from one centralised location - It’s as simple as uploading your media files, creating your playlists, and then scheduling them to fit your hotels.

1. Consistent Atmosphere

Create a consistent atmosphere and a seamless audio experience as your guests move through your hotel.

You can broadcast 24/7 with radio automation, that way you don’t have to worry about logging in to check up on things, which means you get a carefree audio experience.

If you have a couple of questions about how radio can help your hotel chain then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as our team of radio experts are always available to lend a helping hand - Alternatively you can book a demo of our software and see for yourself how Radio.co can help you.

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