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Best of Blues Rock Legends on Radio Radio plays the best blues rock legends. They offer insight into how to keep shows fresh, collaborating with DJs, and curating great playlists.

David Wilkinson

by David Wilkinson in Review

Last updated 06.08.2023

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Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Bruce Springsteen all have something in common. They are some of the greatest blues rock legends of all time. Radio features the finest songs ever written and performed by the best musicians. Discover who they are and what they are all about in this week's radio station showcase. - Who Are They? is a Turkish based station in Ankara. Their goal is to bring you the best blues rock tracks from legendary musicians, along with some fresh tracks from undiscovered artists.

What Do They Broadcast? Radio broadcasts a mix of the best rock n roll and blues rock music. They jump back and forth playing legends from the 50's and all the way to the present.

Shows are curated in advance. Using they schedule playlists throughout the week. DJs take over to broadcast live shows, taking you on a journey through music history. Interview

Can you tell us about about your station and how you got started?

When I was younger I was an enthusiastic blues rock and rock n roll fan. I liked reading about all kinds of interesting stories from bands. Like what they got up to after shows and who was involved in recording albums, that type of thing.

Over the years I listened to and read anything I could get my hands on about famous blue rock legends. One day it came to me. "Why don't you share these stories and awesome music with everyone?". That's how was born!
I wasn't alone in my passion for blues rock. After a couple of weeks, I found people that wanted to share their love for music. Fast-forward to today and we're a team of radio enthusiasts and DJs broadcasting hits shows non-stop!
The name stands for "". It's a kind of word game in Turkish. It literally means "A website for listening radio".

What do you broadcast on your radio station?

We're playing a variety of rock and blues mostly. But in addition, we have live shows for specific topics of rock. We don't want to just make playlists, we want to tell stories behind the tracks and albums. Weekly shows are mostly focusing on this mentality. Rest of the day we're trying to play good pieces of rock n roll and blues rock.
Okan - RDiB Radio
At the moment we broadcast a mix of automated and live shows. The problem we face is that we don't have a studio and DJs don't even live in the same city. All the shows you hear are live from our own home studio setups. We are preparing shows and recording announcements between tracks. Then we upload everything to - it gives us the flexibility to manage shows on the fly and gives us confidence that everything will be running smoothly.

What are you trying to achieve and how has helped?

We are trying to play music in specific genres for different times of the day. This is really important to switch it up and keep things fresh. Every week we collaborate to build the best blues rock playlists.
A few of our team members started radio shows with me online. 3 of which have been in the radio industry for years having been apart of the biggest rock genre stations like Rock Radio FM in Turkey. One show in particular called the "Gitarist" (guitarist in Turkish) is almost 15 years old! Rock Radio FM sold it to someone else. The DJs that were apart of the station turned away from traditional radio. They think internet radio is where it’s at. Broadcasting their shows online has made them more accessible all around the world. They are very happy more people can tune in. Plus, an added bonus is they love that they can broadcast their shows live from anywhere.
Sezen - RDiB Radio
With, we can schedule things very easily. Managing playlists and setting them up to go out is fantastic, plus it gives us preciseness. does all the hard work. Our stream is always up and broadcasting, so we can focus more on the content. This is great because we don't need to spend time with technical issues. handles all the jobs in the back of the store, while we represent our station from the front.

What do you like best about

User-friendly interface for sure! It's simple, but also includes everything we need.

How do you go about selecting music or talk show topics for your shows?

Basically, we just have one goal when it comes to our shows: quality! No matter how long the song is or if it's purely instrumental, we like it, we play it!
Dincer - RDiB Radio
Quality matters. Popularity is the last thing we think of. We don't do many live talk shows, instead, we focus on live music. This way we can cut out the nonsense and broadcast music we love (and hopefully the listeners love too!).

What advice would you give to radio newcomers?

It takes time building something good. Choosing music, thinking about what you're going to say live, preparing shows, and listening back to shows all require determination.
I've been running my own radio shows for many years. The best piece of advice is this: choose the right platform. Make sure it has what you need, like a good interface, advanced features, and most importantly that it's trust worthy! Think about it. You don't want to waste hours curating shows only to have them vanish due to a fault in the system. You're working with the platform, so pick some you can trust and rely on.

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